Sunday, August 06, 2006

Da weekend

I'm glad it's almost over. Not very relaxing. I did get to sleep in yesterday, but I'm exhausted today. I still have to write a case study about breast cancer, some reproductive issues, or anything of my choosing. I don't even care. I'm *this* close to blowing it off. But that would be irresponsible. I wonder what would be worse though, doing a totally half assed paper, or just not turning it in?!? I have about 4 hours to ponder that. It's due at 1155pm.

This week I work 8-430. That's nice because I get off work earlier, but it sucks because I already feel tired, and tomorrow I know I'll feel dead. Hopefully I'll get to go down on some surgeries, and hopefully they don't suck ass. I don't like just standing there for an hour doing nothing, and getting glared at if I talk. I hope my favorite Dr works some this week, I didn't see him at all last week...

We recieved the parent handbook from the montessori school...I would like to voice my disapproval at having to pack a lunch. I thought FOR SURE that they would make lunches as a group everyday. Apparently not. So I need to get some sort of stress free lunch making system down, because I hate making lunches...

Let's see...Last night Clara and I drove Cara out to the mall to meet her boyfriend. We swung in to the Children's Place where they let me use a coupon, even though I left mine at home. I got 4 pairs of jeans, 2 for each, plus a skirt and long sleeved shirt for Clara, all for $50. Can't beat their 2 for $22 jeans...And they hold up fair well too.

Well I'd better figure this damn case study out. Sigh. I can't wait to be done with school!

Update: I wrote an oh so interesting paper on Bezoars, both the trichobezoars (hairballs, and phytobezoars. Sweet, eh?

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Susan said...

Seth's school provided lunch and snacks last year and it was great. This year with both boys in elementary school I'll be doing double lunch duty.


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