Thursday, June 15, 2006


We were SOOOOOOOOOO SLOW today at work. It was sucky. But I read alot. I started Little Children yesterday at work, and if tomorrow is anything like today, I'll finish it tomorrow.

I made the mistake of falling asleep at 730, then waking up around 9. Now I'm not tired at all, but I have to get up early tomorrow since I forgot to get Clara a snack to take to daycare tomorrow (her birthday is Saturday). The kid party is on Saturday, so I have to get a cake tomorrow, and some sort of goodie bags. I have no idea if any kids are even going to show up, seeing as I haven't heard from any of the parents. I don't think Jake would care if no one came, but I'll feel badly for him if that happens :( I think I'm more sensitive than he is...

Clara wants a bike for her birthday. Tom has one stashed out in the garage that he just needs to clean up. It's bright pink, she's going to love it. And she wants a pink care bear. I've gotten her 4 or 5 my little ponies (yay for Target clearence ;) and a dora furniture set she doesn't have yet (for her doll house). That should be more than plenty. Ohh and some new clothes. She loves clothes ;)

Well I'm going to go lay in bed and hopefully conk out.


Chelle Y. said...

Wow, is everyone's child having a birthday this month? First, Melissa's, then Alien's, Kim's, and yours? I feel left out? Just kidding!

I hope Clara has a great birthday!

Mary said...

Well silly Chelle, that's how we all know each other! From a June mommies board. Then Alien and I both have 2nd kid June birthdays too.

Chelle Y. said...

That's right! Melissa told me about the "Mommy Board!"

Well, I just feel so "honored" that you have welcomed me into your group! :o)

Have a great day tomorrow! I hope its not as hectic as the party I went to today with about 15 six year old boys. Yikes! At least I was not responsible for this party!


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