Friday, June 16, 2006

My Birthday girl

Clara turns 3 in 6 hours. I can't belive how big she is getting. I'll post pics tomorrow after her party. I got her this shirt to wear, but I couldn't find a tiara I liked. She said she wanted a crown. I hope she forgets. Her party is actually a joint kid party at chuck e cheese. Out of all the kids the 2 of them invited, only 1 called to confirm. Luckily Issac, the boy who came to Jake's family party, is able to come, as is one of Clara's invitee's. Plus my good friend is bringing her 2 daughters, and I think 1 more little boy might come. Maybe some of the daycare kids will show up. I won't care if they didn't RSVP, I just want my 2 to have some fun!

I want to firebomb my house. It goes from somewhat tidy to fucking trashed in .03 seconds. IT makes me sad. Atleast we won't be here at all tomorrow being reminded of our shitty housekeeping skills.

Off to stuff goodie bags, nighty night!


Kimmykay said...

I hope you all have a wonderful b-day party. Can I say that a lot of time people won't confirm and just show up? Hope you aren't caught off gaurd. LOL. Can't wait to see pictures.

Mary said...

thanks kim :) That's one of the reason we kept the #'s down to start with, 5 for Jake, 3 for Clara. Then 3 add ons. If more show up, it's cool :)

Di said...

Looking forward to the photos. Why do kids have to grow up so fast?

Why bother cleaning the house? It just gets dirty again.

Chelle Y. said...

I did a joint party with a friend of mine for my son. It was great and helped with the money. Chuck E. Cheese can be expensive, huh?

I hope all had fun!

geenalyn said...

Happy birthday Clara!! I hope she had a really special day :)


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