Thursday, June 29, 2006

Talking helps

Tom and I got in a big fight last night, but it's alot better now. I was hoping that I could stay calm and not freak out, but that never happens. It all ended well of course ;) I'm even going on a bike ride with Tom on Saturday :) I told him he can't laugh at me.

This whole week has just been shit. I miss my babies, I'm upset about my sister, I got pulled over for speeding (but no ticket!!), I even x-rayed the WRONG FUCKING FOOT yesterday. I can't wait for this week to be over.

I've been having more time to read, seeing as I have no hobbies and my kiddos are gone. I just read Prep which was recommended by Kim plus some other peeps. It was pretty good. I found my self getting really really annoyed with the main character/narrator though. Granted I never went to a boarding school, but her attitude and train of thought seemed so out of whack at some points, just totally illogical. But over all it was good, and I'd recommend it to others :)

I just started Gods in Alabama as I was waiting for my poor peep appointment. This one was recommended by Allison. It's reading pretty quickly, alot faster than Prep did. I'm thinking I'll really enjoy it, I do so far anyway.

I also have Life of Pi, Light on Snow, and We Need to Talk About Kevin to read. That'll keep me busy for the rest of this week plus flight time and my trip next week.

Sorry I'm pretty boring today ;)


Chelle Y. said...

Fighting sucks, huh? I hate it because I am so exhausted after, that I do not even want "make-up sex!" Haha!

Tink said...

Aw... That's horrible. Although the whole x-raying the wrong foot gave me a chuckle. It's those stupid little things that add up to big ones. Like today I ran into a door that was locked. I bought a coke at the gas station and evidently left it on top of my car while I was searching for my keys.

I hope this weekend goes well!


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