Sunday, July 02, 2006

A nice weekend

Yesterday Tom and I were lazy all morning, watching the Tour and reading the paper. After getting so yard work done, we drove up to Portland to stay the night at our friends house.

Tom and I went for a drive up to Larch Mountain which has views of Mt Jefferson, Mt Hood, Mt Rainer, Mt St Helens, and one I'm forgetting. Hmm. It was gorgeous.

It made me realize how out of shape I am. It was a .25 mile walk to the look out point, but up a shitload of old, wide, handless stairs. The view was definatly worth it, but just that puny little hike in was a mood breaker for me. I hid it from Tom, I didn't want him to know how I was feeling. We did talk about it later, but I didnt' want to ruin it while we were there.

After that we drove to this pretty cool outdoor mall, and had dinner at CPK. I'm so glad they reopened a CPK in Portland. They make REALLY good raspberry lemon drops. Seeing as we hadn't eaten in almost 8 hours, plus when on the little hike, that 1 measly drink hit me hard. Well worth the overpriced $8 it cost ;)

This morning we got up, and I drove home. Tom was riding down here with Sam and Kammy. I told them I'd come rescue them if something happens ;) It's only about 80 miles, so I'm sure they'll be fine.

Shortly I get to leave to go meet a rockin' lady! I can't wait.

For when I get back, I have a 13 item to do list by tomorrow at 1130 when I have to leave for the airport. Oh joy.

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Chelle Y. said...

Have a nice trip and get some relaxing in too!


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