Monday, May 22, 2006


I don't wanna go to work today. I had to take both kids to the Dr this morning for their 3 and 5 yr check ups. It was draining. Jake was so preoccupied with shots, and totally acted up the whole time. Having to physically restrain him for THREE shots sucked ass. My poor guy. I managed to not cry until we were out in the car and neither noticed.

Clara was 31 lbs and 38", while Jake was 41.5lbs and 42.5" tall.

Also found out that the Dr wants us to get Jake's tonsils checked out. They've been swollen for quite sometime, plus he snores and has a constant runny nose. This stresses me out for a number of reasons.

This week I'm working 1pm-930pm. Definatly has it's good and bad parts. Like now, I actually get to check my email before leaving for the day. But I won't be home until after Clara, and probably Jake, are asleep. :( makes me sad.

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Pink Rocket said...

ugh! i hate kid check-ups. i've gotta get jerrett in again soon...more shots that i don't want him to have!


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