Monday, May 22, 2006

Mid shift isn't bad

We were kinda slow, but I got some homework done, and lot of chatting ;) You know things are fucked up when you are talking to your program director about cats that nurse on dogs (mine) and gay horses (hers). She was working in MRI tonight, so I actually got to 'talk' to her not just about school shit.

It's so laid back at night. Dan just watched TV out in the lobby, Janilynn sorted her mail, and I did homework. We all had pagers so when ER had stuff for us to do, we could head over. I comped on ankles, and did a shoulder series myself, but that was only because Dan and Jan dissapeared. I didn't want to make the ER patient wait, so I just took em. And they were all sooo beautiful ;) Only downside was I forgot my marker, so I couldn't comp on it.

I'm gonna try to head to bed now. It's only 11:30, but my goal is to drop the kids off by 9/915 so they get the 'school' portion of the day at daycare. Then I can come back here and clean. Cuz the house is trashed. YAY for not being at work til 1:00!!


Chelle Y. said...

Sounds like a nice night.

Tink said...

Gay horses? I'm such a perv. That's the one thing I remembered.

Hope you caught up on some R+R.


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