Friday, May 05, 2006

My Thursday

Dropped the dog off at the vet on the way to school (final cost was $264)

Dropped the kids off, service engine light comes on in the van

Get to the hospital very carefully, closely avoiding numerous cars, due to the van accelerating on it's own.

Get home from school to discover Jake didn't shut the dairy drawer in the fridge before we left for school, thus propping the fridge door open about 4" for 11 hours that we were gone.

Luckily today was garbage day, so I emptied out most of the fridge last night.

So glad today was Friday....


Melissa said...

Hope you have a very relaxing weekend. :)

Di said...

So frustrating! Have a drink and relax!

Chelle Y. said...

Yeah, have a relaxing weekend! :o)

That happened to us one time with our garage freezer. We had just bought $400 worth of meat from one of those companies and had to throw it all away. Needless to say, my husband was pissed!

Emily said...

Ugh....hope ou had a good wekend at least!

Mary said...

Thanks everyone--my weekend was good, I went to an all weekend scrapbooking thingy. I think I did about 20 pages.

Turns out the car problem was a pinched wire from when the oil was changed last weekend.

The dog has an ear infection, hence the huge bill. "The worst ear infection I've ever seen" according to the vet-Bailey's ear was swollen shut :(


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