Monday, May 08, 2006


Today was okay.

  • Almost watched someone die. We got called to the ER and the patient had no heartbeat. She was adamently against CPR for some reason. The nurses and DR were able to get her heart restarted using only drugs. Made me feel so much relief to see the heart beat start again on the monitor. The lady in the bed next store just had tears streaming down her face. I felt really bad for her, but at the same time couldn't talk to her or even look at her, or I would have started crying too.
  • Assisted with an x-ray of a compound tibia/fibula fracture. The lady fell off of a log that she was walking on. That was the bloodiest/messiest thing I've participated in so far.
  • Found out that Tom is lying about something. Not to me, not about me, not having anything to do with me, but it bugs me. I know he's lied about stuff before, but as far as I know, never to me. Okay that's not true. He HAS lied to me before (always about the stupidest shit too). This is really really bugging me. I don't know what to do. I wasn't snooping per say, but in a way I was. Any advice? It's just him portraying himself as someone he most definatly is not. Not in a sick or wrong way, but just not him.
  • I'm fat, and I'm really getting tired of it. I need to find something that is doable for me. Both eating and activity.
  • I'm also really tired, so I'm heading to bed.....


Chelle Y. said...

Oh, Mary! I hope your week goes better than it did on Monday.

You probably need some sleep. You have been working so hard and long at school, and now this....

I cannot really give you advice on your DH. It's hard, I'm sure. Maybe he needs time, and he'll tell you soon.

I hear you on the weight issue. I am feeling badly about myself too. Because of health issues, it's hard to excercise, but I really need to. It's discouraging sometimes, huh?

Tink said...

Can I just ditto everything Chelle said about sleeping and DH? :) I can't really top that advice. But I AM thinking about you. I hope everything rights itself. Take a breather girl.

Emily said...

Ugh, I SO could not do any of the things you do....I have enough trouble looking at my kids blood...LOL

As for Tom...if he is putting up a false image of himself to someone/something maybe it is just something he is self concious about. I dn't know, I think maybe I'd wait until one night when the kids were in bed, and peacefully(and making sure not to come across as accusing) tell him "I know XXX, and it bothers me because XXX".

Good luck, hun.

Kimmykay said...

((Mary))... I know about weight. I was so trying to get it off then ended up pregnant. I'm not sad about it but resigned to the fact that I will now have more to deal with. I wish it was easy.

Tom... If it is something that doesn't harm you I would wait and see. If there is something you can help by letting him know how wonderful he is being him then do it. How old is he? Jeff went through a rough time around 30 (I thought only women did that, LOL). Good luck and I hope it works out soon.


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