Sunday, May 14, 2006


I've been motivated to start this new 'diet' called It's more of a lifestyle change than diet. I'm just going to track my eating and exercise, and set little, attainable goals. One of them is to journal everyday. I'm not sure if I'm going to do that all on here, or maybe in just a standard journal. We'll see.

This weekend was good. Pretty laid back. Got to spend time for me today, I read The Undomestic Goddess. It was a really quick read, and nice and light. Also spent enough time outside playing with Jake and Clara to get sunburned shoulders. Jake REALLY needs a new bike, so I'm pretty sure that will be his birthday present. Clara was rockin' the tricycle--normally she only wants to ride her big wheel, but we got her to try out the red tryke. Silly me took NO pictures at all today. I rock.

That's all. I'm boring :)


Chelle Y. said...

You're not boring, Mary. Never!

Good luck on your diet. I am sure you can do it! I need to start one too.

Emily said...

Good luck on the new diet!!

Mary said...

thanks girlies. It's hard. I suck at diets.


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