Friday, May 12, 2006

About that thing...

With Tom.

Thank you so much everyone for posting about it. I've resisited saying anything about it, since it only jumps to mind when I'm pissed off, and why even bother talking about it then, ya know? So I'm just sitting on it, and hopefully I'll have a chance to talk to him about it this weekend.

I went back and checked some more, and he hadn't even been on the site I was concerned about, for almost 2 weeks. So who knows.

I would like to say I'm really(fake) pissed at him right now because he guilted me in to taking the van to have it looked at, and it took almost TWO hours. I just got home, and I'll be leaving shortly to pick the kids up. So much for getting a jumpstart on my homework (I didn't have it with me, I didn't know it would take longer than 15 minutes at the car place). He just knows he owes me. Plus Mother's Day is Sunday, so I'm sure it will be a good weekend :)


Pink Rocket said...

well i'm glad you're feeling a little better about whatever "site" he was looking at...i have a feeling we've had a simular issue...i'm around if you need me!

Emily said...

Well, I hope if you have to talk about it that it goes well...and if not I hope he never goes back to that site! LOL



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