Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Very odd

I decided to get my hair cut last night. I was driving home from school, it was 430, the daycare closes at 6:15, and I didn't want to pick the kids up yet. But I also didn't want to drive home (going past the daycare) only to leave an hour later to pick them up. So instead I went to "Family Perm and Cut" to get a hair cut.

There's only a guy working there. He asked if I was waiting for someone (maybe a different stylist?) I said no, so he started to cut it. I told him I wanted a good 4-5 inches cut off. This was single handedly the ODDEST hair cut I ever recieved. Just the way he did it. I can't even describe it.

Anyways, he ended up trimming about 1.5-2" off. Uh yeah. Sweet.

Him: did I cut enough off?

me: yeah it looks fine (just wanting to get the hell outta there)

him: you can come back in the next couple of days if you want it shorter

me: we'll see.

okay then, I think I was his first female cutee. But he trimmed off all the dry, split ends, and he didn't butcher it or anything, so if I really want it shorter, I can take it to a real place and it get it cut shorter and styled. Thank God I didn't ask him for any layers.......


Chelle Y. said...

You're very brave to try someone new!

Emily said...

LOL, for the love of GOD do not go back to him for anything drastic!


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