Monday, February 20, 2006


We had a fun day today! Started the day off with a visit to Carrie's house. The kids had a blast playing-though I think Jake and Brady managed to get in to a couple of pouting bouts. And Clara DID pull her little attitude towards Makayla at one point, but I have no idea why. 3 mins later she was letting Makayla do her hair, so she probably doesn't remember either ;) Jake was enjoying Parker the most--Parks is a hugger like him, so they got along just fine.

It was nice to have a chat with Carrie, it had been so long since we'd gotten together--our silly lives keep getting in the way...

After saying goodbye (Clara: Makayla said I can spend the night....), we headed over to Tom's parents house-a mere 6 or 7 minute trip-to pick up Pris. Things went okay at the nursing home, but we were there literally 15 minutes. We got there after lunch, so everyone other than Nana was sleeping. It was hard to see Nana like that, it had been almost 9 months since we saw her last. At that point she would try to talk, could smile, would try to move her arms. None of that today. She did manage to give 1/2 smiles while the kids hugged and kissed her goodbye. Have a stroke is hard on the person, and those around them.

After visiting with Pris for a bit (we wrangled both kids at Red Robin-talk about fun(not)), we came on home. Managed to miss most of the traffic, and the kids slept the whole time.

I got to talk to my friend Kim who I used to go walking with, but rarely get to talk to her anymore. I haven't even seen her since she moved in September, and again, she's barely an hour away. What was really fucked was I was thinking about needing to call her-heard a story about the hospital she works at-pick up my phone and realize she had called 6 minutes earlier, but I missed her call due to my too loud tunes. So we got to talk, and that made me happy. I don't envy her commute-an hour in the AM, 1.5 in the PM all because she works for 'the big hospital on the hill' that doesn't have employee parking, so they have to take a bus up there.

I really need to figure out a way to fit my friends in my life. I need them. I feel restricted when I only talk to and see the same people everyday, only 3 or 4 by choice. Too bad ya'll don't live in Oregon...Or better yet Salem, cuz even Portland seems out of reach these days....


Chelle Y. said...

I know what you mean. All my close friends have moved away from me. I hate that! Now, my sister, who lives next door, is moving to North Carolina soon! It totally sucks!

Carrie said...

We're so glad you guys came!!


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