Wednesday, February 22, 2006

me: do you need to go poop?

Clara: no, I farted

me: did you go poop at school today?

Clara: no that's called hurting my butt

So classy. Poor girl still cries when she poops :(


mama_tulip said...

Aw, she still has poop problems? (((Clara)))

geenalyn said...

((clara))wishing her easy Poots as melyssa would say

Mary said...

She does still have problems. And she went about 10 mins after I posted this, no crying, but joyous "I DID IT MOMMY" cries from the bathroom.

I think it's just like when she was a teensy baby, she doesn't go everyday, or even always every other day. So it gets hard and stuff. She drinks plenty of liquid and does good with fruits. She just is a poor pooper ;)

thanks for the wishes for her bum, she's doing fine now :)

Emily said...

(((Clara's butt)))


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