Sunday, January 01, 2006

We WERE going to clean today

Simply put, my dad doesn't know how to gate a dog in to the kitchen. Said dog has peeing problem due to massive bladder stones. Dog also likes to sleep on our bed.

Do the math.

So far today, while feeling light headed and woozy but managing not to vomit, I picked up, 1/2 ass sorted toys, and vacuumed J and C's room, I've done 4 loads of laundry (have literally 10 more to do), cleaned Tom's desk area/the foot of our bed, cleaned the hallway that also got pissed on, and did the edges of our bedroom, the hallway and our bedroom with our kick ass dyson.

Tom cleaned the carpet in both bedrooms, and has taken a load of recycling to our parents house. He's also been switching laundry over for me to fold and put away.

Right now we're waiting for my dad to bring the pickup over to haul the tree away, take the rest of the cardboard (it's all the goddamn boxes from fucking toys), and trying to finish cleaning the living room. The carpet in here will get cleaned shortly.

Doesn't that just sound terrific?

And the party last night was alot of fun. There were 4 couples in all, the other 3 were pretty close, but we've hung out with them before. We got there about an hour after everyone else and they were already having to pace themselves. I don't know how many whiskey sours and amaretto sours I had, not to mention shots of rumple mintz. I lasted until 1230, which was suprising considering how much I drank. I did win the first round of asshole and got to be the president-go me! hehehe.

So that about sums it up. We had fun, the kids had fun at my parents hosue, and no one puked.


jeanne_bean said...

Hope your year gets better. Let's face it, it has to improve if you've spent today cleaning up piss and shit, right?! Happy New Year Mary!

EE said...

Oh god, Rumplemintz used to be my middle name. LMAO, haven't been able to touch the stuff since working at the ski resort.

Janet said...

Sounds like a fun New Year's!


...list 5 weird things about yourself, tag five other people to do the same, and then comment on their blogs that they have been tagged.


Mary said...

Yes Jeanne, next year has to be better ;)

EE as I was drinking the shots of rumplemintz, I keep thinking I didn't need to take any hits of listerine before bed, the whole inside of my mouth was burned off ;)


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