Sunday, January 01, 2006

Not weird, just boring.

List 5 weird things yada yada yada

1.) I have to have high count cotton sheets and/or comforters. I can't sleep otherwise. The sheets at Paris Las Vegas SUCK ASS so the weekend of my wedding I couldn't sleep very well.

2.) Checking the mail everyday makes me so happy. I hate Sunday and holidays (like tomorrow damnit), nothing to look forward to.

3.) If I think someone doesn't like me, I try to kiss their ass. More something I don't like about myself than is weird though.

4.) Melissa stole my 'inamate objects having feelings' one

5.) In the shower I have to pull all my shedded hair out and stick it on the wall, and not wash it down until right before I turn the water off. Tom said I'm a freak.


Emily said...

I love the mail too! I get giddy when stuff comes for me, even if its just pizza coupons LOL

Janet said...

You can come and get my mail. I am lucky if I get out to our box twice a week! I hate the mail!

EE said...

OMG I do one of those and I'm too embarassed to admit which one. *blush*

Mary said...

Janet I was SHOCKED when you said that once. I couldn't handle it.

Pink Rocket said...

LOL! I do the hair thing! My hubby says it's gross...I am a periodic mail checker; if the box was empty I'll go back an hour later to check; I'm sad if I don't get anything.

Cee said...

I dread the mail, I always think it will have bad news in it. I am always so glad when it is just all junk mail.

Mary said...

EE I've been trying to think what you do that is the same on my list. I've decided you are an asskisser too. But would never admit it. (I could be totally wrong, plus you probably won't see this ;)

Shanna I check constintly too. But I can usually see our mailman drive by, so it's all good ;)

Cee good or bad, I want my damn mail! hehehe


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