Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thank you

for all the kind words, and thoughts and prayers. I've been thinking alot about what different people have told me, both here and in talking. I think what Emily said has to be true. When someone dies you analyze the time you spent with them. I'm not the first to do, and certianly not the last. It helps to know that I'm feeling is normal.

Grandpa Al was cremated today, and will be placed in the mansoulem (I have NO idea how to spell that) soon. His ashes will go to the same place Tom's mother is buried at. The memorial service is in a week and a half.

I haven't cried today! And don't plan on it! I cried alot yesterday, and today I feel better.

Tom took today off work and spent the day with his dad. I think it was probably good for both of them. They don't spend much time together. In fact Tom still isn't back, he left his dad's house about 2 hours ago, but apparently traffic is pretty shitty.

I keep thinking about Kath and what she is going through. Dealing with all of this, with it happening to a grandfather, not even mine, and getting this upset about it, how would be able to lose a close friend? I'm thinking about you Katherine.


mama_tulip said...

Thanks for thinking of me, Mary. I'm doing okay, but I have a lot of feelings to sort out. It'll take time; I'm not rushing. I made an appt. with my therapist for next week; I'm sure that will help.

I'm thinking of you too.

Lisa said...

((Mary and family))

Emily said...

((hugs)) Sweetie...

Glad to see you are starting to perk up a bit :)

Mary said...

I am feeling a bit better.

I didn't even CRY today listening to my sad cd in car. That's progress, right?!?!


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