Monday, January 30, 2006


That's a good word to describe my studying skills. I did spend a few hours in the lab this afternoon, but since I got home at 845, I haven't done any. Yippee. YAAAAAY for the proximal femur, pelvic girdle, lumbar spine, L5-S1 spot, sacrum and coccyx! Okay not really, but I can pretend, hoping that enthusiasm will help on my exam tomorrow and practical on Wednesday.

I have the one of the world's nicest mail people. She saw our dogs scabby back last week (either from the food, or fleas, but we cna't find any fleas on her), and today brought a bottle of flaxseed oil. Isn't that nice? It's the mail lady my parents have had for over 15 years, and when we moved back to Salem 4 years ago, we happened to be on her route. I'm going to write her a letter thanking her, and then one to the postmaster for our local PO saying what a considerate person she is, and how she's always been an excellent mailcarrier.

Wednesday I have to go to the dentist first thing in the morning, to get a filling taken care of. Hopefully my mouth will have de-numbed some by 1145 when I have to do my practical exam. Otherwise that's gonnd blow. I also take my pups to the vet Wednesday afternoon to see how the medical dissolution is going with her bladder stones. Hopefully they will be able to find something out easily, if not she'll need xrays again next week. Last time that cost $300. Just the visit Wednesday shouldn't cost more than $100.

Our living room is still torn apart from getting the new tv. This is really bugging me. But I have no where to put all this shit. Really annoying. I wish our house would magically grow another room or two....

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