Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Melly tagged me.
Single or Taken? Taken
Shoe Size? 9
Parents Still Together? yep
Siblings? Gina in England, Richard in Portland, Sarah in Washington DC, and Cara still at home
Pets? Miss Baileybuttkins, chocolate lab, and Oregon aka kitty

Color? can't pick just one, I love greens and purples
Number? don't really have one. I like prime numbers
Animal? african pygmy hedgehogs
Drink? 'pure pop' (diet coke from a fountain)
Book? White Lotus
Flower? pansy

Color your hair? Not recently
Twirl your hair? Nada
Have tattoos? Nope. I used to really want one, but never got one
Have piercings? None, not even my ears
Cheat on tests or homework? Um if you've ever read my blog, you'd know the answer ;)
Like rollercoasters? Yes.
Wish you were somewhere else? I wish I was already in DC.
Like cleaning? Only vacuuming
Write in cursive or print? Mine is a mix of the two.
Own a cell phone? yep, we don't have a landline, just 2 cell phones
Ever get off the computer? Yeah, I have this thing call a life that includes 2 kids, a husband, and school

Been in a fist fight? In 5th grade when Taylor Allen said girls couldn't play football. He got detention, I got treated extra nice ;)
Considered a life of crime? Naw
Considered being a hooker? yeah right.
Lied to Someone? Yes
Been in love? Yes
Made out with JUST a friend? I don't think so
Used someone? Not that I can think of
Been used? not that I know of
Kicked someone in the nuts? nope
Stolen anything? Yes.
Held a gun? Yes, but only 22's to shoot beer cans off a fence.

Current Clothing? Cords, long sleeved t, hoodie
Current Mood? fucking stressed out.
Current Taste? Angry Chai
What you currently smell like? nothing?
Current Hair? in a pony tail
What I should be currently doing? Writing a better essay. I'm trying.
Current CD playing in your car? a mix of coldplay, DMB, U2, Johnny Cash and others
Last Book Read? Radiologic Positioning
Last movie you saw? Pride and Prejudice
Last thing you ate? Oatmeal Raisin cookie from Dutch Bros it was all Tom's fault for wanting a snickerdoodle when I got my chai
Last person you talked to on the phone? My dad
Believe there is life on other planets? I don't think so. Actually I don't like to think about it
Remember your first love? Dan Miller. The only time I got dumped.
Read the newspaper? I need to cancel our subscription cuz I only read the sunday and wednesday
Believe in miracles? Yes, I do.
Do well in school? I only have a 3.27 right now. boo.
Wear hats? very very rarely
Hate yourself? nope
Have an obsession? Several.
Collect Anything? hedgehog stuff
Have a best friend? Yes.
Close friends? a few
Like your handwriting? It's okay I guess.
Care about looks? Kind of.

First crush? Robert Johnson in 5th grade
Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes.
Do you believe in "the one?" Yes, I do. But, I'm a sap like that.
Are you a tease? no
Too shy to make the first move? no

Sarcastic? Most of the time
Daydreamer? not really
Shy? depending on the situation, so yeah I guess
Talkative? I never shut up


Tink said...

"African pygmy hedgehogs" I'm going to have to Google that! Most people answer dogs, horses, even elephants. But you? No... African Pygmy Hedgehogs. LOL You rock!

mama_tulip said...

Did I know you had so many siblings?

Mary said...

Tink they are cute little buggers. I got my first one because of my then boyfriend was getting one. We broke up like 3 days later. But Tabitha(Tabby) was my little buddy. She lived for about 4 years. She loved to lick cheeks if you had any sort of scent on you. Then she's puke it up on her back 'to save it for later' hehehehe

Kath: yep I'm one of 5. Second to youngest. Coolest of the bunch. ;)


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