Thursday, February 02, 2006

I don't wanna

go to school. I am SO close to crawling back in to bed with my sleeping cuddle bugs. I would seriously consider it if it was a normal Thursday and I only had 1 class, but since Jake and I leave for DC tomorrow afternoon, I have my normal Friday lab today. Plus we have a mid term next week in Radiobiology and let's just say I'm fucked. I didn't even finish the homework due today because I CAN'T. That has never happened to me before...Luckily Dave is a cool teacher whom doesn't like to teach radiobiology, so I can probably turn it in next week and he wouldn't even notice. It's not like he grades them anyways, just one of his TA's.

Right now Relatvie Biologic Effectiveness, Linear Engery Transfer, Oxygen Enhanement Ratio, Linear Dose-Response Relationship, NONlinear Dose-response relationships, those last 2 threshold and NONthreshold are all floating around in my brain. I really have no idea how they corrolate or what they even fucking mean. Ugh. I got my only A with this teacher last term, and I will be struggling to get a B this time. Shit I'll be thrilled with a C!

1 comment:

Di said...

Just try and remember it won't be forever and soon you will be SO done with school. You might actually even miss it?


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