Thursday, January 05, 2006

So Lazy

I was only in class from 9am-10:15am. Then I gossiped with friend for about an hour, and then spent about 30 mins getting a loan all sorted out so I'll get money back this term from school.

After that I went to Walmart (ONLY because I know they won't question me using my mom's credit card,unlike some stores) to get some frozen meals and pencils. Somehow all of my pencils dissapeared between 12/16 and yesterday. WTF. Oh and I got pretty purple bic pens. YAY! It's the little things, right?

Um then I went to biglots because Alien is always finding cool shit there, but I didn't find anything. They DO have a rescue hero comforter, but it's only twin size, and Jake's bed is a double. So I'll have to think about it for a bit. Plus I was too scared to use my mom's card there, just incase they wanted to check id or something. BTW I'm using my mommy's cc because I have no money, and I just get to make a huge payment once I get my fin.aid money in a few weeks.

I got our gas bill in the mail today. Maybe I don't like the mail anymore. It was a 120 fucking dollars. Our house is 1000 sq ft. That means it's SMALL. Last year our gas payment for Dec. was $70. Fuck. Oooh maybe I should see if they take credit cards! Lol. Then I could pay my mom back for that too. I know you have to pay cash or check in the office, so I'm guessing they don't take cards. Damnit. Ithought I had it all figured out.

Okay I'll ATTEMPT to clean some more. I spent about 3 mins picking up about 20 socks, a towel, and 15 or 20 toys. Then I gave up. Maybe I should try again, our living room is still a wee bit messy. Okay it's trashed. Whatever.

One last note, I still haven't spoken with my teachers yet, either about my grades or the scholarship deal. Apparently the big day will be tomorrow ;) I'll keep you all up to date cuz I'm sure it's killing you all. hehehe


Emily said...

Walmart doesn't question you? Our Walmart is the WORST!! Once a check out girl tried to refuse our card because Steve signatures didn't match, even though the CC had a photo of him AND he showed her his drivers license!! LOL

Lazy days can be good...everyone desrves one or two....the messy living room will always be there tomorrow ;)

mama_tulip said...

We got our gas bill yesterday too. I hate the system they use; every other month instead of charging us for what we actually use, they do an "estimated meter reading". Then if they overcharge us, they adjust our bill the following month. No, assholes. I don't want to pay the estimate. I want to pay for what I use.

Tink said...

^Totally with you on that Mama T. For a whole month I was too broke to get my heater fixed. The house was freezing, but I kept telling myself "At least the electric bill will be small." Then I got stuck with that estimate bullshit. I wanted to cry. Damn the man!


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