Tuesday, January 03, 2006

quick update

School was okay. I'm still bitching and moaning about getting switched to a different lab. This became MORE of an issue when we had to get a partner in our lab to do this project next week. EVERY OTHER FUCKING TIME we do partner stuff, they pick for us, or draw from our jar of poker chips. Not this time. So the person I ended up with is the kinda creepy guy you might catch staring at highschool girls. Great. Okay I'm being mean, he's a nice guy, but really quiet, and always gets into your personal space to talk to you. I think he might be hard of hearing.

So that all bummed me out. I'm gonna miss my old lab. Sigh. I'm a big baby, I know....Atleast I don't have an extra class this term that NO ONE else has. Might make me feel like less of a loser. hehehe.

Um I didn't make it to weight watchers because I forgot dipshi er Tom had to close tonight, so I couldn't go. Instead I went to music class with Clara, then came home and ate crap. nice alternative, no?

I will be taking the kids to the new daycare tomorrow morning at 830am. Hopefully I can leave by about 9 to head to a weight watchers meeting at 930, which should finish by 1030, leaving me 1 hour to get to my lab at 1130. But then I'm out at 130 and finished for the day. YIPPEE!! :) Oh and I am talking to my teacher about my grades tomorrow, and the in brief convo we had today, she said I should still very much apply for that scholarship. So maybe I do have a chance??


Tink said...

I HATE personal space invaders! LOL Wow... That totally makes them sound like aliens. I hope yours turns out as a decent lab partner though. :)

Emily said...

Good luck with the scholarship!!

lol about your creepy lab partner...just don't take him home and you should be fine ;) LOL

Janet said...

Good luck with the grades and the scholarship! You deserve it!

I can't concentrate when someone is invading my space! Good luck with that!

mama_tulip said...

Good luck with the scholarship...fingers crossed.


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