Friday, January 06, 2006

Solved the mystery

And I'm still pissed off. Let me preface this by saying they had a fucked up method to start with. More emphasis on homework and such instead of tests. But we didn't make the schedule, they did.

I ended up with 87.5% in each of my positioning classes. Those were the 2 that I thought I should get A's in. Turns out the reason why I got B's was because they TOTALLY reweighted all the points. Without telling us until after everything was said and done. Makes me a wee bit angry. Why bother handing out a fucking syllabus if you are going to completely deviate from it?

So instead of homework being worth 600 points, lab activities worth 270 point, quizzes worth 100 points, tests worth 200 points (or 100), and practical worth 400 (or 200) out of a total of 1570 (or 1270), they arbitrarily decided that home would be weighted at 15%, lab 15%, and quizzes/test/practical at 70%. So one ended up being worth 399 points and the other 417 (don't ask me HOW they came up with those #'s). Since I bombed my PII final (only got 64/100) and the quiz before it (5.5/10) that really brought my score down. And for PI I don't know what the deal is, but I don't fucking care right now.
***Also, the grades
were not based on the exact points as originally thought. Part way
through the term Stacy and I had made some changes due to some cheating
that was occurring. We made changes to the tests so that there were
different versions. We also weighted the quizzes and test to be worth a
greater percentage of your grade. Therefore, it would be more accurate
to the work that you personally were doing***

Let me sum this up by saying I'm only angry about 1 thing. They changed the way things were weighted IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING TERM yet they didn't tell us. My studying would have been vastly different had I known that quizzes would be worth 7ish points and our homework only worth 13ish vs what were were initially told that quizzes would be worth 10 points and homework 60. In order to not stress about shit, I would remind myself that if I did my homework perfectly, then even if I missed 3 or 4 or even 5 questions on the quiz, I'd still get 92% between the 2 of them. Yeah they shouldn't have had them all weighted so poorly, but they should have told us they were changing it. I could have still gotten A's, I'm almost 100% sure.


Adding that I am also angry at the insiuation that we were cheating by working together on our worksheets and labs. I, along with a couple of other students, asked if working together was okay and they always said it was.


mama_tulip said...

I'd be pissed too; I'd probably talk to the program co-ordinator about that. Is that an option for you?

Mary said...

Um she would be 'stacey' that is refered to in the it was a decision that she made.

I'm not terribly concerned, other than it was pretty shitty to spring it on us, and i'm sure i'm not the only one it effect. The crappy part is that almost everyone else got 25 extra credit points for going in on the day before Thanksgiving for ONE hour of practice. Ihad an A&P test that day and didn't want to waste the 2 in the morning before the test, driving there and back. And I'm guessing it was 25 REAL points according to their system, not 25 pre-weighted points.

So now that I thought of that, I'm pissed off about that too, because it would have given me an A in one of the classes HAD I FUCKING KNOWN IT WOULD HAVE MATTERED. I thought it was 25 points according to their 1000+ scale NOT their 400 point scale.

DAMNIT. sigh. And here I was all okay with it. sigh.

mama_tulip said...


Janet said...

(((Mary))) I would be upset about that too. BUT, I really think you need to give yourself some credit. You are in a really tough program with two young kids. B's are awesome baby!!!

Mary said...

Thanks Janet and Katherine.

I think I'm just going to drop it. I'll feel better faster that way, ya know? And like Janet said, and others said before, B's are good too :)


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