Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm going crazy

It's POURING outside, I don't want to deal with traffic, idiot drivers, and getting soaking wet going anywhere. So we're stuck here at home today. I've got a whiny crew with me, and I'm pissy because Tom didn't come home for lunch, since a client bought them lunch. Well I don't fucking care, I wanted him to bring me a diet coke. I NEED caffeine. Now.

Maybe we will go brave the rain. Sigh. We didn't the mcd's play place yesterday, and it sucked ass. Way too many screaming kids with apathetic parents, plus the normal crowd of too big to play on the equipment, but still runs around and pushes down the age appropriate kids. It was great.

I did vacuum the living room, and Jake supposedly cleaned his room. I'm off to inspect, and vacuum, then build the world's largest rescue hero city. Wish me luck!


mama_tulip said...


People are fuckin' maniacs today. Christmas erases everyone's ability to drive like a normal human being.

Mary said...

Well we didn't go out until 630. Then we ATTEMPTED to go to toys r us, but sadly there were no open parking spots. Instead we went to border's where again there were no spots, but we found one baout a mile away. Fun times. $170 spent, still not done shopping...


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