Thursday, December 22, 2005

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What were you doing 10 years ago?

Let's see. 10 yr ago I was 15. If I remember correctly I had an extremely perverted boyfriend named Peter Jensen. He was always trying to stick his hands down my pants. Scarred me for life. I was in 9th grade and for the most part having fun in high school. That was a year that we had a huge windstorm and lots of flooding. I remember spending a couple of days helping sandbagging, and then helping take them down. At this point I still hadn't had my first 'serious' boyfriend. Only a string of weird people. It was sometime in January when I hooked up with Dan, and less than a year before I met Tom.

What were you doing a year ago?
Just getting ready for Christmas. At this exact day and time, I think we were at one of my parents timeshares over at the beach with my sister, bil and nephew, plus my parents, grandma, and uncle. Last Christmas was fun. I'm not so sure how this Christmas will turn out.

5 snacks you enjoy?

* 1. string cheese
* 2. satsuma oranges, grapes, other fruit
* 3. usually any sweets/candy
* 4. nachos/chips and bean dip
* 5. ice cream

5 songs you know all the lyrics to:

* 1. "Crush" and many other DMB songs
* 2. "All the Small things" Blink 182
* 3. Most of the score to Phantom of the Opera, Cat, JC superstar, and other ALW musicals
* 4. "Collide" Howie Day
* 5. "Every Rose has IT's Thorn" Poison. LOL.

5 things you would do if you were a millionare:

* 1. Buy property and build a house
* 2. Pay off all of our debt
* 3. I'd still finish school. I think.
* 4. Buy a different car. Don't know what though
* 5. Go on a big long vacation.

5 bad habits:

* 1. biting my nails
* 2. procrastinating
* 3. the profanity that flies out of my mouth *way* more often than it should
* 4. I yell too much
* 5. I watch too much TV

5 things I like doing:

* 1. reading messageboards/blogs
* 2. doing puzzles/playing puzzle games
* 3. reading
* 4. being naughty
* 5. scrapbooking

5 things you would never wear, get new or buy new again:

* 1. having a hard time with this, cuz I really don't care. I wear jeans and tshirts almost every single day. Or now scrubs, cuz I can't wear jeans to school.


mama_tulip said...

Mary, my soul sista. I know most of the soundtrack of "Phantom" and "Cats".

Mary said...

rock on! I can play most of phantom on my clarinet too. hehehe.

mama_tulip said...

I used to play the clarinet!

We kick ass, Mary.

Janet said...

15! *sigh*

Mary said...

Geez we just ROCK Kath. awesome. uh were you in marching band too???

Yeah Janet, I'm just a wee lass. So there's nothing wee about me, but whatever ;)

Tink said...

How did I miss the clothes question? God I'm a dingbat. Secretly... I like the Cats soundtrack too. I used to listen to it in the car on the way to work. I'd hide it if anyone else got in the car though. Pathetic, I know.

Mary said...

It's okay tink, you're allowed to hide you love of musicals from other people. We understand ;)

EE said...

LOL Janet, I was thinking the same thing. Mary, you are so young! ;)


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