Thursday, August 04, 2005

Getting nervous

I leave in 28 hours for Philly/DC. I'm getting nervous. I really don't want to leave my children motherless. But I'll get over it. I'm loading my MP3 player up with tunes, and I just need to find a good book to take to read, and I'll be set. I'm doing the 'young and free' thing and not taking any lugage other than a backpack and my purse/napsack type thing. The only downside to this is I'll have to wear my running shoes instead of my reefs, because otherwise my stuff won't all fit.

Goal #1 for the day-find a good book to take

Goal #2 for the day-make sure all of my laundry is clean

Goal #3 for the day-not yell at Jake or Clara at all.

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