Friday, August 05, 2005

All ready

I think. I have everything packed clothing wise except for a pair of shorts in the dryer. Still trying to figure out if I can pull this off without taking a suitcase. I think I can. I just need to figure out how to fit my running shoes (I decided not to wear them) and a camcorder in my 'personal bag' or whatever the heck they call a purse these days. Even if they are in a seperate bag, I know I can fit my purse plus a plastic bag with shoes and a camcorder in it, under my seat,. I could probably squeeze my backpack in there if I raelly needed as well. Hopefully the security people aren't asshats, and I won't have any problems.

Sooooo wish me luck tomorrow. I have my mp3 player filled with *alright* music but still no book. Luckily there are news stands at the airport.

bye bye for a week!

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