Saturday, July 30, 2005

garage sale

I made something like $140 bucks today. That makes me happy. Too bad I spent $36 yesterday, 20 on a new fan-our beloved Vornado died :( and then I took my good friend Kim out for dessert at Sharis and we ended up getting potatoe skins plus desserts, and it was $16. It was worth it :)

I'm really trying to eat better today. I have to put a stop to this glutoness weight gain. I made eggs w/frenchfries (we were outta hashbrowns) for Tom and the kids, but I just had a bowl of cherrios with blueberries isntead. And now I just had almost a bag full of baby mixed greens with raisins, a drizzle of lite dressing, and some sliced almonds. I'm gonna eat a lean pocket, then call it good until dinner time. If I can just do ONE day of eating right, I know I can do another. It's all a mental game....

We're going to go bike riding today. I've only gone once this year, and I'm supposed to do a little 14 mile ride in 2 weeks. It's called the Bridge Pedal in portland and I did it last year. I know it's so small, but damn it's up all these really big bridges. I think Tom is going to pull the burley with Clara in it, and Jake is going to ride a piccolo behind one of Tom's friends. Then if that doesn't work, Jake can hop in the trailer if need be. That means I'm only responsible for MY sorry ass. So we'll go riding today, and then hopefully Tuesday and Thursday, then I'm gone for 6 days, then I wanna try to go that Friday, then the ride is the 14th.

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