Friday, July 29, 2005


1.) Watching 4 and 5 year old act out skits is AWESOME. Jake did really good--he had the main speaking part for his group. He called today his congraduation from saftey town

2.) Was reminding I'm very happy we're not moving this weekend. One of my friends is and their house is trashed/not even close to being ready. It's easy to critize, but that's EXACTLY what our house would be like, if we were moving.

3.) As I am typing this out, Clara is sleeping in her brand new toddler bed. Lucky for us, she fell asleep int he car on the way home, so we just plopped her down. She did wake up once, but I just laid her back down and patter her back, and out she went.

4.) And along with that, Jake is sleeping in his bed too. He'll most likely wake up when he gets up to go potty during the night, or when Tom gets up and takes a shower at 5am. For some reason that always wakes Jake up, but only if he's in his own bed.

5.) In 1 week and 1 day, I will be in PA all by myself. I'm already getting really really raelly nervous about it. I'm excited too, but I'm gonna miss my chicklets.

6.) Arctic Circle rocks for having .49 cent ice cream cones!!

7.) My son will still not go down the freaking slip n slide. It's getting kinda old, his begging to set it up, then refusing to have anything to do with it.

8.) We are having a garage sale on Saturday at my parents house, so tomorrow I have to find more crap to get rid of. I already took 4 or 5 boxes of books and toys, blankets and clothes over. I still have a ton more clothes, and I really should find more toys to get rid of. I also have to decide on larger items like the high chair, 2 or 3 different strollers, the swing, exersaucer, bike trailer....we aren't having any more kids, but I know my sister is planning on atleast one more. I dunno, we'll figure something out...

9.) I need to find a freaking job.

10.) And I need to figure out how to pay for classes for fall term. I th ink I have to take atleast 6credits to keep me out of repayment on my loans. My A&P teacher ruined my plans when she told me that they aren't offering Bi102 or 103 online. ARRRGGGG.

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