Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Things I learned today

1.) Going down a slip n slide DOES make you sore

2.) Leaving a 18oz glass of diet sprite in plain view of 2 children, even if you're only leaving the room to get your bowl of popcorn, will result in said pop being spilled all over your desk

3.) My taste for store bough macaroni salad has not changed from last year--I still dont like it.

4.) Even when tired, kids don't sleep-they just cry

5.) You can't eat too many fresh blackberries or blueberries (well you can, it just hasn't hit me yet)

6.) Water leaking out from the tub AGAIN is not a good thing.

7.) It cost TWENTY-SEVEN dollars PER overdraft incident via Wamu. I hate those fuckers

8.) I filled up 1/2 a garbage bag full of old health care supplies that were crammed in to our small ass bathroom.

9.) I need to quite being a procrastinator--I got the last freaking preschool spot for Jake for the fall.

10.) Going down a slip n slide doesn't kill a cell phone, ya just gotta let it dry out.

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