Saturday, June 25, 2005

You're killing me

You're freaking killing me. Allergies that is. I think my nose is going to fall off from too much viscous rubbing. My dr gave me a sample of Nasocort to use. Made my miserable for like 4 hours last night. See nasocort is one of those nose misters or squirters or whatever the hell you call them. As SOOOOOON as I sniffed some, I started sneezing and was in my own private hell for the remainder of the day yesterday. Fantastic I tell ya. And today I'm not feeling much better. fucking nasocort.

Today Jake is getting his 4 year old pictures retaken. They effed up last time, the angles weren't good, and he looked like he melted into the white background because he's so fair. So back again we go, and hopefully this time we can get 2 or 3 good shots out of the 5-6 they'll take. Hopefully Clara won't throw too much of a fit when we don't take her too. Her's actually turned out last week :)

Fingers crossed it dosn't rain too much today and we can spend lots of time outside. I figure my allergies are bad no matter what, so who cares if I bask in the big clouds of pollen, right?!?!? Nice we choose to live in the allergy capital of the world. Thank you Willamette Valley. I'll post more later, we gotta get ready for pictures!

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