Friday, June 24, 2005


Ugh I feel like I've wasted 1/2 the week. Sure I've gotten some things done, but not nearly enough. Today I'm going to finish going thru toys. Amanda is here to help, so we should get Jake's room cleared out. Then we can slowly transform it to Jake AND Clara's room. I got a hello Kitty poster to put up ;) I would so like the kiddos to sleep in their own room instead of in bed with us. I love cuddle, snuggle time. But I wake up every morning with my sholder hurting, or my arm asleep from Miss Thang sleeping on it. no fun.

I feel like I've let alot of people down. I was over a month late on my June 03 birthday buddy. And now I'll be close to a month late with my June 01 birthday buddy list. Makes me feel like shit. Don't know why I can't get to the freakin post office. How hard is it?!?!? sigh.

Okay enough computer time, I gotta get to work not wasting ALL day today. I have to get the kids from daycare in 2.5 hours.

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