Sunday, June 23, 2013

Something Blue voxbox

While on vacation last week, my first voxbox arrived!  Influenster sent me the "something blue" box to get you ready to be in a wedding, or attend one.

The following was included:

UrgentRx fast acting powder for headache relief

Qtips precision tip swabs in travel containers

Luster now! Instant whitening toothpaste

Dr Scholl's for her ball of foot cushions

Kiss ever ez lashes 

We have a wedding in 2 weeks, and sadly a funeral this upcoming week, so I'll have a chance to try some of these out!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stationery card

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where did the last 10 months go??

Shortly after my last post we found out we were having baby #3.  Initially we were due on December 30th, 2011, and after our first ultrasound, that was changed to January 9th, 2012.  We told family and friends about a month after we had found out--we didn't want to have to untell anyone due to a miscarriage.  Jacob and Clara were extremely excited!

In July we found out that the baby was going to be a girl.  While I had almost weekly ultrasounds done at work, baby girl wouldn't cooperate until almost 20 weeks.

Around 30 weeks we notice that she was breech and wasn't flipping around.  We didn't start worrying about this until about 34 weeks, and while she would shift slightly, she never did want to turn.  After discussing trying to turn her, my OB and I decided that it wasn't worth it.  So a c-section was scheduled for January 8th, 2012.  I decided giving her as much time to flip as possible would be a good thing.

Monday December 26th I was off of work, so we went to see Puss n Boots with some friends.  That night I noticed that baby girl hadn't been moving very much.  At my 38week appointment the next day, I mentioned this to my OB.  This resulted in having a BPP (biophysical profile--ultrasound exam) done to check on baby.  She didn't pass it--she wouldn't flex/extend her extremities.  After sitting around to wait for the results, I was sent to the hospital to have a non-stress test done.  She did fine for this, and my OB was called with the results and I was sent home.  I was told to come back if the baby wouldn't move, I didn't feel good, ect.  The next morning I spoke with my OB to clarify the non-moving part, as baby girl still wasn't doing much moving.  At this point, the OB decided that the next day was the day to have my c-section.

When I found out, I was at work.  I just sat there after I got off the phone, trying to absorb the news.  I was only leaving work 6 days before my scheduled last day, but I Still had so much shit to do!  I finally told me boss that it was my last day, and everything became real.

That night I spent 3 hours cleaning and organzing my bedroom and getting my bag and the baby bag packed to take to the hospital.  Jacob and Clara spent the night with grammy and papa, as I had to be at the hospital at 7am to check in for the 9am c-section time.  I think I managed to get 6 hours of sleep??

I was so nervous after we got to the hospital and taken back to the room.  My OB was aware of this, and tried to keep things light.  She was great, I'm so glad she was who I had chosen way back in May.  The did another ultrasound to verify that baby girl was indeed still breech, and then got me prepped to go into surgery.  I've been in surgery plenty of times--I know what it's like, what it smells like, what all the tools look like etc, but it's not fun being on the patient side of things.  When it was time to have the spinal done, my OB was the one who held me in position and talked about what to expect and how great things were going to go.  Suddenly I was hot and tingly from my chest down, and things were started.

I was so shaky during the start of the surgery.  I was hot, shaky, nausious, and scared.  After about 15 minutes they finally let Tom in.  As soon as he sat down I started crying.  It was the weirdest thing.  About 2 minutes later, baby girl was born.  I was so relieved that she was okay.  My OB commented that she was very happy they did the c-section, there was very little fluid left in there, and baby girl was cramped.

At 9:23am on December 29th, 2011, baby girl Mundal was born via c-section.  She weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 20.5 inches long.

Monday, April 25, 2011


So I pretty much want to quit school on a daily basis.  WTF am I doing??

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spring Term

I signed up 5 days late (money issue+out of town).  Already 1 teacher is going to be a PITA.  I know it's my fault it's late, but dude.  I want clarification on a textbook and I have to order.  I apologize.  I won't be able to complete the assignment that is due on Monday night by midnight, since I won't be able to get the text until Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest! UGH.  Not to mention that blackboard was down all afternoon Friday, and since I go to a Seventh Day Adventist school, none of the emails I sent from about 6pm Friday night (when the site was back up) until either late Saturday night or Sunday would be answered, since it was the Sabbath.  Sigh.

I'm taking 3 classes for 11 credits...Human Resources in Health care, Moral Leadership, and Religious Ethics in Health care.  Very touchy feely.  All 3 are time consuming.  BUT....all 3 have regular due dates so there won't be a push in the last 3 weeks to finish 7 credits of coursework (what happened last term....).

Jake is playing baseball and doing cub scouts.  Almost everything seems to fall to Tuesday/Thursday so I do an insane amount of running around those nights.  Clara is just doing gymnastics.  Both are doing excellent!

Today we went to the circus.  It was okay I suppose, but very cheesy as it was just the Shriner's circus.  Cool parts?  The tightrope walker almost fell, and one of the motorcycle guys in crashed in the big ball of death or whatever they call it.  Almost all of the animal bits were lame, and some parts seemed like they needed a lot more timing and rehearsal....

Last week I was in Houston for a 3.5 day user conference.  I flew in on Sunday.  A long time "mommy message board" friend came and took me to lunch.  We've known each other for over 8 years, but never met.  The conference its self was very informative, and I'll be spending the next few days writing up a report to share at work.  Each night we did a fun activity.  The first night was laser tag, the second was the Radio Music Theatre, and the final night was a dinner cruise.  All involved free alcohol, and each night was concluded in the hotel bar.  These people were fun.  And highly inappropriate!  Thursday another friend came and picked me up from the hotel and took me to lunch and then took me to the airport.  Holly and I have boys that are both 9, almost 10, and have been online friends for over 10 years.  Again, we had never met, so this was pretty cool.

I decided that while I'm glad I don't have to travel on a regular basis--I miss my family and my own bed, I do hope I can go to this conference next year, it was a great group of people, many of which attend year after year, and the company putting it on is top notch.  The owner is awesome, and has a great group of employees.

I can't believe it's already April, and the first baseball game is Saturday...Where has time gone???

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Wow, no posting since October? What gives....

Right now I should be working on homework, but I'm avoiding it. I baked banana nutella muffins, made a batch of hummus, cooked whole wheat 3 cheese pasta with brocolli and some baked chicken. Also watch Glee, Biggest Lose, and Raising Hope. But no homework was done ;-)

Things have still been pretty busy around here. Not quite so many activities, but I'm taking more credits for school. And 2 of my classes are self directed which means 1 I haven't even started (only 3.5 weeks left...SHIT!!), and the other is less than 1/2 done. Thank God at least 1 class I'm fully caught up on, getting an A...

Including this term I have 6 terms left of school. I am totally overwhelmed and not sure I'm going to make it. This makes me sad. I need to spend more time on the work, but online based classes are hard...

I started Weight Watchers in December. I've lost 12.4 lbs. Getting kind of discouraged. Joined a gym 3 weeks ago with a co-worker, we go 2-3 times at lunch. Need to go 1-2 times more to really make a difference I think. Tom and I are talking about joining The Courthouse because they have a kick ass deal that is only $35/month each at the club close to us (one of the less popular ones), and my work will pay $20/month towards a membership if I go an average of once a week. So it'd only be $50 for both of us. I'd keep my other gym membership--it's only $25/month and is worth it because of the lunch workout part....

Let's see....nothing else super exciting going on. Will have another new nephew this summer, but waaaaaaay over in DC, so I'm kinda bummed about that part. Trying to figure out travel plans for the year. Going to Houston in March for a conference for work, which is pretty sweet....Hoping for a trip to Florida to see my grandparents, and a trip to DC to see the baby. Hoping for a family trip in August--no clue where or doing what, but we'll figure something out.

That is all...carry on...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crazy busy

Our schedule these days involve both Tom and I work Monday-Friday, me 730am-4pm, and him 7am-6pm. Hopefully his hours will change back to 730am-5pm soon. Downside it, his job is 45min-an hour away, but we are just thankful that he has a job! And a good one at that.

Monday we have gymnastics for both kids, Jacob 445-545, Clara 445-645.
Tuesday we have jazz and ballet for Clara from 445-645. Jacob has scouts 2x month 615-8.
Wednesday we have gymnastics 445-545 for Jake and 445-645 for Clara.
Thursday we have football 430-530 for Jake and cheerleading from 530-630 for Clara. Then scouts once a month 615-8 for Jake
Fridays are free!!!

Thursdays become free as of november 1st. Clara will be changing to gymnastics on Fridays in the next month or so. It'll be 4-730, so we'll drop Mondays. Then we'll add a class for Jake on Wednesdays so he still gets 2 hours a week.

I'm taking 3 classes online. It's keeping me pretty busy. Trying not to procrastinate as much this term, but I feel it's a joke. I'm never going to change....

In big news, I'm 30! When the heck did that happen? Geez. 10 years ago to the day, 10-10-00, we found out that I was pregnant. Seems like forever ago and yesterday all at the same time.

10-04-10 was the 3rd anniversary of Gina passing away. :-( sigh.

Okay off to watch TV, and then go to bed. The benedryl I took 2 hours ago to clean the dresser and behind it have finally kicked in!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Well Tom has been BBQing alot, so that's good I guess.

Tho I'm getting frustrated with them only watching TV and playing video games all day, and then the kids fighting, and Tom being bored blah blah blah. Then leave the fucking house!! Don't ask the kids what they want to do, just take them somewhere. If you're home 5 days a week, it shouldn't be a big deal to go to one of the splash pad parks...

Jake had a great time a Cubscout camp. I wish I could have gone with him. Another thing to be annoyed about, Tom bitched about having to go non-stop the week before, then had an okay time. I WANTED to go, and would have loved it. Atleast I was able to go up for the closing dinner and campfire and got to see some of the activity stuff.

Tom and I leave for Seattle tomorrow at lunch time. His cousin is getting married on Sunday, so we're going up for 2 nights. The kids were going to go with us, but Jake's best friends' birthday party is tomorrow afternoon. It's always a big deal, I think this year it will include a bonzi water slide, portable rock climbing tower, and a big bouncy obstcale course. They'll stay with my parents for 2 nights, and I think they'll have fun. Tho Clara said she was sad to not be with us, but "You'll always be in my heart" Awww how sweet :-)

School is going okay, but I keep putting stuff off. I have a 3-5 page paper due on Sunday. I just started it tonight after having 2 drinks. Got 3 paragraphs done, and I had to quit. Too boring. I figure I'll work on it in the car tomorrow on the way to Seattle.

Okay off to bed, I've been downloading books on the kindle app for my iphone, and I have "Fly Away Home" to finish. Kind of depressing, but looks like the end might be good...I only have the equivilent of maybe 30 pages left? Hard to tell for sure since the kindle doesn't give page numbers, only locations....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's that time of the year again!

County fair time that is. Going to head to the Marion County Fair with some friends who are involved in it. Plus side is that we get in for free, and usually the kids get to ride those rickety scary rides for free.

I'm looking forward to some junky horrible for you fair food. Then later tonight, I'll wish I never even looked at it.

Week one of Tom home with the kids went pretty well, but I think I'm going to need to start kicking some ass in order for him to actually do anything. Like cleaning or laundry. WTF, he's home all day with 2 kids who will spend hours outside playing with the neighbor kids. There's no excuses!!

I'll update later this week on how that all works out ;-)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vacation time

Where did the first two-thirds of June go?!?!

The End

Baseball-- last game was today. Jake had a great season! He's matured so much the last couple of years.

Ballet-- Spring performance was today. It was the ballet Coppelia. All of the girls did great!

School-- Done and over with. Both kiddos had a good school year. I think they were happy for Summer break

Tom's job-- Over as of yesterday. He's signed up for unemployment, and has met with people at a few different dealerships and supply companies. Hopefully he can find something with a similar pay/benefits. If not, he'll hang out with the kids this summer until he can find something good.

New things--

Vacation-- We leave tomorrow to head to St Louis for a week. We'll go to Bunker Hill, which is esentially family camp. I have 2 books downloaded on my iphone, and another 3-4 to take with. We're going to Six Flags, and the Arch, and will see all of the cousins.

School-- I was accepted into the BSHA program at Loma Linda University. It starts on Monday. I should probably register for classes. Oh that's right, I can't. Since this was a total last minute thing, everything has holds or other issues, so it's slow going getting set up.

Laptop-- Tom bought us a macbook pro. This laptop won't charge batteries (just tried a new one), and turns off randomly. Since I got into that program, I NEED a functioning computer. Thanks to grandma Ruthie for buying it for Father's Day.

Backyard-- Okay this hasn't happened yet, but it's Tom's project. He's going to clear out all of the weeds, and pull up all of the flower beds. Clara wants a swing set, but I'm not sure if we can make that work. Also going to pressure wash the patio and sidewalks, and refinish some of the patio furniture.

Well, I should probably get some laundry done, and need to start packing. The dogs were dropped off at the vet to be boarded, the babysitter is lined up to check on the cat, now to get the house in a cleanish state so when we get home next weekend, it will be nice.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June Already?

Where has the first five months of the year gone? Half of the family birthday's have passed, only two left! I'm hoping that now it's June, the weather will cooperate. But based on my iPhone weather calender, it's rain for the rest of the week. Boo! We have 2 baseball games and a practice between now and Saturday, so we could really use some sun!

These next 3 weeks are going to be busy! We made it through Jake's birthday, which was great, and now we have the last 6 games+practices for baseball. Clara has 3 more regular ballet classes+2 Saturday all cast rehearsals+dress rehearsal and performance the 3 Saturday. We have the last day of school for the kids, plus finals and end of Spring term for me. Clara's birthday is the 17th, with her party taking place on the 13th.

And we found out Friday that Tom's last day of work is June 15th......

So there will be some changes in store this summer. I'm a little jealous that Tom gets to be a "stay at home dad" for the summer. We decided unless he can find something equal pay, it would be better for him to spend the summer with the kids. I do wish I was still working at the hospital simply because I was off 4 days a week. Think of all the fun we could have! Do all the crowded busy stuff on week days instead of weekends ect. But that's not the case, so I'll move on ;-)

We were brainstorming ideas for things for them to do all summer. Luckily there is a ton of free and/or cheap stuff not fairly close by. Heck the beach is only an hour away and the kids would sit and play in the sun for hours.

This will all be a big adjustment for us. Not least of all figuring out how to cut the difference between what he makes and what unemployment will pay, from our budget. Wish us luck.

We do have 1 family trip planned. On June 20th we leave for St Louis for a week. It'll be Tom's first trip there--mine and the kids third trip since the start of the year ;-) We're going to Bunker Hill for 4 nights with my dad's family. I think minimum, there will be 18 of us. My dad and his siblings have been going for just about 50 years. Tom isn't super duper excited, but I think once we get there, he'll enjoy it. I promised him we could drive to town every day if he wanted to.

(Bunker Hill is like family camp down in the Ozark mountains in southern Missouri. It's a camp that the MSTA owns, so it's all teachers and educators that go. My grandma was an elementary school teachers. There's canoing and kayaking and hiking and other activities. Here are the pictures from our last trip.)

Well the baby sitter finally showed up (didn't wake up until I texted her asking where she I'll only be 35minutes late for work....)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My boy

Long and probably contains way too much information. Feel free to skip it, or read and reminisce with me about the birth of Jacob.


9 years ago I was up at St Vincent's Hospital in Portland "in labor". My water had started leaking the day before, and by the time I finally realized that what it was, I was told to come straight in. They confirmed it was in fact amniotic fluid, and sent me to labor and delivery. I was admitted at 5pm on May 29th. Our little guy wasn't due until June 13th, so we were not ready, and a little scared/excited.

I wasn't having any contractions, and to me, the pitocin wasn't doing anything to move labor along. Around midnight, when the on call OB came in to check on me, he decided to break my water. Even though there was fluid leaking, it wasn't anything major. Oh my, when he did that, I could suddenly feel everything. I think that action allowed Jake to drop down and start to get ready.

I didn't really have a labor plan. Tom and I had taken birthing classes, we still had one more to attend when all of this went down. I knew I wanted to put off any drugs as long as possible, and with in an hour of my water breaking, I was begging for anything. They started with Demerol, and all that did was make me high. I still remember laying in bed, flat on my back, the room spinning, totally high, and in pain. Didn't help the pain at all.

I wanna say it was about 2am, maybe 3am when I finally got an epidural. And it was good. For 5 hours I was able to sleep. Then it started wearing off. They tried topping it off, but only 1/2 of my body was numb. It sucked. Fast forward to the afternoon. Contractions every 3 minutes, I'm exhausted as I only got 5 hours of sleep, where they woke me every so often to check on things.

I remember a couple of friends coming in, and Richard and Cara were outside, and would come in every so often. My parents were there, and Tom's parents showed up at some point. Orrin, our good family friend/lawyer, stopped by to bring the baby a monkey. I was falling asleep between each contraction, so for a minute or two, then would wake up and push.

Things started to get a little dicey around 3pm. It had been 22 hours since they started the induction, and I had been pushing for over an hour. Things weren't progressing, and Jake's heart rate started dropping. The doctor came in to stay for awhile to monitor the progress being made. After awhile, she decided to try using the vacuum thingy to get Jake out. She never made it to that point. Suddenly things got moving, and after three hours of pushing and 24 hours of labor, Jacob was born at 5:05pm.

It seemed like there were a ton of people in the room. Tom, my parents, Tom's parents, 4 nurses and the doctor. And everything turned out well. Jacob was perfect, no healthy issues at all.

I can't believe that was 9 years ago. I still remember that so well. While I miss my little baby boy, I love watching him grow and change. He's up to my shoulder now, and has so much knowledge, it's unbelievable! I was going to share some pictures but my camera cord seems to have disappeared. Hopefully I can locate it quickly!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Chaos? Yes Please.

If my swap buddy is reading this, I promise to do a crafty post this weekend. I pinky swear.


I don't think I've blogged about it, but I'm applying to an online program to get a BA in Health Care Administration. I don't see myself as an administrator type, but I'm bossy and like things done myself, so in a few years I'm sure I could rock the big wig roll ;-)

I have to write a personal statement and I'm having a surprisingly hard time with it. One friends suggested "write about where you've been and where you want to go" sounds easy, right? Not so much. The application is due by Monday, and I was hoping to have it submitted by tomorrow. We'll see what ends up happening... The program is supposed to be full time, 63 credits, over 4 terms. Starting June 21st, 2010. So less than a month away. Eeek. I also need 25 additional credits at junior or senior level. But since I have all of the core stuff done, they would all be electives.

In talking with the program director, I get the impression that they need more people enrolled, so would be willing to work with me to stretch it over 18 months or 2 years. Then instead of taking 15-16 credits per term plus another 6 in electives, I could take 11-12 per term. That sounds much more doable. Currently I've been taking 8 credits per term, and if I organized my time better (doing homework at specified time instead of while watching TV ;-), I feel I could totally manage 12 credits a term.

So that's what's going on with ME right now. Here's the rest of the family ;-)

I'm still in denial, but my baby boy turns NINE on Sunday. Where the heck did the last 9 years ago??? I still remember going to see David Gray in concert the week before he was born--he really liked the noise. And now he's outside talking airplanes and shooting hoops! When did that happen? He still likes to cuddle, and 2-3 mornings a week I'll wake up and he's come in to our bed in the middle of the night. As much as I'd like him to stop doing that, I'm going to miss it when it ends.

We're having a BBQ to celebrate the day. Jacob really wants to do a carnival theme, so I'm pulling together a few different games to play, buying tickets to use (or I might just print some out), and getting the bouncy house out. There aren't alot of kids coming, as I'm the worst planner in the world, but it sounds like there will be 5-10 kids of various ages. He really wanted to have his birthday party at a laser tag place, but not the place here in town. So I promised him he could invite a friend and we'd go to Portland to play in the next week or two.

I haven't decided what kind of cake to make yet. Hmm. Will think on this a bit more.

Clara is doing well. Her birthday isn't until June 17th. But like every year, no one will be in town. Poor thing. One year we spent her birthday flying to to St Louis. She still talks about how the pilot brought her a cookie because it was her birthday :-) She wants to have a gymnastics party at the gym she goes to. Her coach will be the party host, so she's happy.

Here's what our next month looks like. Jake's party this weekend, he still has 5 or 6 baseball games and 4 or 5 practices. Clara has 2 Saturday rehearsals, then the dress rehearsal and performance for ballet. She also has her birthday and party. School gets out for the kids. Term ends for me. I'm applying for that program. We leave for St Louis on the 19th, Tom included (this is a big deal, trust me ;-)

The downside to all of this is that Tom's dealership is probably closing. So he'll be outta work. Have no idea what we're going to do. Luckily we have some areas we can make cuts, and we won't have to pay for daycare at all, so that's good. I'm still stressed out.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Almost crafty

The closest I came to doing anything creative this last weekend was helping Jake create Uranus from styrofoam, spray paint, foam core and skewers. I hope his teacher likes it ;-)

I am also creating tonight--dessert to be exact, but I needed a special treat for LOST. So chocolate cobbler is in the oven. It smells sooooo good. Hurry up and bake!!

I think I might start cross stitching again. I was trying to organize some of my scrapping stuff and I came across my stitching stuff. I like that I can do it while watching TV, or sitting at gymnastics, or just about anywhere. So now I need to find a pattern I like, and maybe head up to Portland to go to Acorns and Threads. Always find inspiration there. I'm thinking something for a pillow....

Okay time for LOST.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fun Stuff

I'm finally starting to adjust to a 5 day a week work schedule. It's lovely having every weekend to spend as a family, the amount of park time we've been getting in has been great! I'm getting a little more used to waking at everyday, instead of sleeping until 8 4 days a week. And I'm trying to fit in some time for crafting.

When I was at my parents house yesterday I spent some time looking through all of the fabric I have there. I haven't been sewing at all lately, but I want to make some throw pillows. That seems managable, and I bought some pillows when I was at IKEA a few months ago. So I'm really thinking I need to make them. I still want to buy a sewing machine. I'm almost to the screw it point and just buying a cheap one from Joann's. Then hopefully before too long, I'll be able to get a nicer one. But if I keep trying to save a little more money to get the next step up, I'll never get there!

I would be going on a scrapbooking trip this weekend, but it was canceled due to low enrollment, which makes me very sad :-( We're going to go to the beach as a family instead, which will be great, but I neeeeed to do some scrapping. It's been months! I need to arm wrestle Tom over the dining room table--he has his RC car stuff scattered across it right now.

Shutterfly will be getting a large order from me soon--I need to order pictures from about August until now. Sad. Well it will make me happy, but it's sad I haven't printed any since then! I might just print everything, then once I get them, determine which to blow up or shrink down. Otherwise I get bogged down trying to figure that out with 500 pictures, then I don't order any because I'm overwhelmed....

So my goal is to blog more, and not bitch so much. I want to do more crafty stuff, I'm participating in an exchange, and I think this will motivate me to get more done! I might take some pics of stuff I've created in the past to get my creative juices flowing :-)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday (so creative!)

Here's a picture from when the cousins were here. That's Alexandru on the back of the couch, then Clara, Margo, William (holding Doggie the meerkat) and Jacob.

Amber you were right, I made it through the week. It was draining mentally, and I did my best not to bleed any of the doctors I had to start IVs on. Haha. Some little things I have to keep tweaking and fixing, but other than that, it went well.

This upcoming week we are having applications on our new Radiology Information System, or RIS. Since I'm the PACS administrator, by default I get to be in charge of this as well. Luckily the x-ray supervisor will be learning as much as she can too, so it won't all fall to me. I'm not nearly as nervous about this side of things, as I was with the CT apps...

Today was the first game of the season for Jacob. He had a good game, we only had tears one time. It was his first time on base, and when he rounded second he was going to go for third, but the runner on third stayed, so he got tagged out. He was upset, understandably. But got over it, and had a great rest of the game. It was nice to see a few people we knew through various channels both on our team and on the other team.

Clara gave us a scare a couple of times. That girl is growing up far too fast. At one point she hopped on one of those electric scooters and started to go for a ride. She hadn't asked if it was okay, and she didn't have a helmet or anything on....The other time we told her she could play by one field with her friends, but then when they left, she was no where to be found. She had gone over to a field on the other side of the grounds....She is now grounded from Disney Channel and Nick.

I'm trying hard to spend a couple of hours on Saturdays to get as much done as possible around the house, so we can enjoy the rest of the weekend. Today we got the kitchen scrubbed down, and have been working on the massive amounts of laundry. I think we should get rid of all of our clothes except for 5 outfits each. Simplify

We have a sitter coming over tonight, no idea what Tom and I are going to do. Maybe just get dinner and go have a drink or something. Oooh or we could get all crazy and return stuff to 4 different stores that I've been putting to choose?!?!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tomorrow is the big day

Tomorrow I scan my first patients at work. Applications, which are basically training sessions taught by the equipment manufacturer, begin tomorrow morning. I'm really nervous. I don't know why I'm stressing so much, but I am. It'd help to get a good nights sleep tonight, but I was dumb an took an hour nap earlier today. So....

Instead I made brownies for Tom to take to work, went grocery shopping with Clara, I'm catching up on some TV, and researching recipes....If it helps calm me, I figure it's good. Plus I'm trying really hard not to stress eat! Difficult!!


We still need to do our taxes. I've almost completed them, I just need a little more info. I HAVE To remember to call the Montessori school tomorrow to get our total paid last year. The person who can tell me that is only there from 845-3....and I, of course, am at work that whole time...So good luck for me ;-)

I drew up a plan to pay off all of our credit card debit in the next 3.5 years. Hopefully faster once I tweak the high interest stuff around. I will feel so much better about life in general, once we can out from under that crap. After that we can work on the student loans. This all could change depending on if I apply for an get into the PA program, or if I decide to go to school more than the 1/2-2/3 time I am right now.

I've been enjoying the business admin classes I'm taking. This term I'm taking macroeconomics, and business management principles. I only have 3 other classes I can take at Chemeketa, so I need to figure out what to do next. If I want to do the PA thing, I need to do some job shadowing--ya know, in my spare time...If I'm not going to apply for that this year, then I'm going to need to figure out which school I want to transfer to, to work on a 4 year degree in business admin and/or health care admin. That's usually a masters program though....

All things to think about, and make me not so nervous about tomorrow :-)

Sunday, April 04, 2010


All of my immediate family is in town. Sarah, William and Alexandru arrived Tuesday almost 2 weeks ago from Washington DC. Friday my brother-in-law Dacian arrived from Washington DC, and my little sister Cara arrived from Eugene. Yesterday my brother-in-law Michael and niece Margo arrived from England, as well as my brother Rich and his girlfriend Katie from Portland.

Needless to say my parents house is full, and I'm grateful that we live in town, and can be in our own home.

Yesterday we took the kids to a church Easter egg hunt, then spent all evening at my parents house baking and having a crazy time. Middle of the night I woke up sick, so I sent the kids to church this morning with Sarah and Dacian. Instead I'm cooking the ham and feeling a little better, I don't think I'm actually sick, I think I ate something bad...

Work is still going well. It's stressful, I'm down to 5 work days to have everything in place before we start doing patients next Monday. I think everything will fall in to place. I found out Thursday that I'm going to have to give a presentation to all of the ordering physicans and PAs. So like 20 well educated people. I am so stressed about that. Ugh.

Haven't had any time for crafting lately. But I am signed up for a scrapbooking weekend in May. So if nothing else, I'll have 2.5 days of scrapping soon :-) I've made a little more progress on de-cluttering. The babysitter will be taking a bunch of stuff to goodwill this week, so I need to have a few more boxes for her to drop off. Once we get rid of more stuff, then I'll have room to actually scrapbook at home. yay!

Okay, back to getting ready for Easter dinner...

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