Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nation Pi day

First off, thanks Amber and Jamie for the kind words. It's easy to get discouraged, but I just need to remember that it's good to learn new things, and it's going to be a good experience. If nothing else, something to add to the resume ;-)

Last night after work we had girls night. Six of us from the hospital went to Red Robin for dinner. Only a couple of us hang out outside of work, so it was nice to meet up. Three people were done for the night at that point, but the other three of us decided to head to a bar. Long story short, we ended up at the gay bar. Always entertaining. We stayed less than 2 hours, but we met up with another hospital employee there. I may or may not have left our student there alone (not drunk, just waiting for some other people ;-), but I was tired. I had gotten up at 540, worked 12 hours, and it was now 11. So time to head home. Plus losing an hour of sleep...eek.

Today was nice though, Tom let me sleep in until 11, and I woke up suprisingly not hungover. Always a bonus ;-) We were invited to a party in celebration of nation Pi day. Clara and I made a cheesecake pie, then headed over. Jake got to play with a friends, and Tom got some much desired quiet time...

I am trying to plan meals for the week. I want to make beans and rice in the crockpot, then use the left overs for burritos. Not sure what else. Hmm.


Anonymous said...

Hello,nice post thanks for sharing?. I just joined and I am going to catch up by reading for a while. I hope I can join in soon.

kendra said...

Thanks so much for prayers!! Just got up with your blog, I will be praying for your new job. Always exciting and scary =).

I LOVE crock pot recipes! The crock pot is my friend. My favorite is to make a roast, and then use it for enchilada's and sandwiches...yum.

Or if I am totally out of ideas I go to and enter in a bunch of the ingredients I have on hand and then it will tell me what to make!

Mary said...

Kendra allrecipes is my favorite cooking site :-) I can always find good things there.

I don't use my crockpot nearly enough. I need to more.

I can't wait for those babies to be born. We really need to get together. Maybe next time I head up your way, I'll let ya know and we can get lunch. Or I can bring lunch since I'm sure you'll be homebound for a bit. Take care!!


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