Sunday, February 28, 2010


I've been cooking alot more lately, but the problem is what I'm cooking. Baked mac and cheese. Creamy chicken noodle soup. Pot stickers and fried cheesecake wontons. Super yummy, feel good food. And not healthy. Fried, bechamel base, lots of cheese. You get the picture. Then add in all the baking I'm doing, and we've dropped the healthy quotient totally out of our homemade foods.

So I need to start picking foods that taste good, have that comforting aspect, but are a little bit healthier. And I don't mean just adding brocolli to the mac and cheese...

So if you have an good recommendations for blogs/websites or cookbooks, let me know! In the mean time I made mac and cheese for lunch and we'll have creaming chicken soup for dinner. Or maybe meatballs with rice. Not 100% sure yet.

I start my new job on March 8th. So I have a week to get as many projects as I can done at home. I'm going to be working the rest of the Saturday's in March until my replacement is fully trained. Overall, it'll only be about 50 hours a week, totally doable. The hard part will be getting up by 6am 6 days a week. Not fun.

Our babysitter is going to come over at 645am Monday-Wednesday to get the kids up and to school at 9am. Then we don't need to increase daycare at the school, and they don't have to get up at 6am 5 days a week. Keeping them in latchkey on Thursdays and Fridays since they have so many of those days off in March.

Well off to walk with the family. It's not as sunny as it was supposed to be today, but it's still quite nice out! So must take advantage before the rain comes back (on Tuesday I believe...).


Sweet Mama Jame said...

If you don't want to eat all those yummy things you are cooking/baking... send them my way! ;)

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