Friday, January 15, 2010

Still slacking I see...

I always have such good intentions. Then life comes along and slows me down.

Tomorrow the kids and I leave for St Louis to see my grandma Agnes. She's stabilized, so that's good. We have tentative plans to see my cousin Kitty with the sweetest big girl Ainsley, and her triplet brother and sisters, and then to meet my other cousin, Tricia's, 1 year old twins plus best big sister Caroline. Kitty and Tricia's dad is doing better, so I'm hoping I'll be able to take the kids in to see him too.

I'm happy to report that the snow has melted, so driving won't be an issue at all, and no need to pack boots/hats/gloves. I've been able to fit all of our clothes in 2 carry on sized suitcases with plenty of room. The rest will fit in 2 backpacks. My goal is to make it through the trip with no meltdowns, and lots of pictures. I think my camera will fill 1/2 my backpack! I need to make that worth it ;-)

Classes are going well so far. I have to take my homework with me, but that's okay. Only a little I'll need to do while there. So far I'm enjoying my intro to business class--controlled debate is a good thing. The tech writing class might be challenging--I'm not sure if the topic I choose is too large. I'm going to be scrounging up some people to interview regarding "Over use of radiation in an Emergency Department setting". Fun, no?

Okay time to finish loading my iphone and Clara's mp3 player with tunes, have a good weekend!

PS. I love this recipe. Super simple, and tastes soooo good. I made it twice this week, and I think I prefer the version with out herbs. If you make it, try to flatten it out alot--otherwise it can be kind of heavy.

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