Thursday, January 07, 2010


Not really, but of my 2 old standby's (vodka, malibu, and OJ), plus ice cream for dinner makes EVERYTHING better! Lol Okay not really.

Today just seemed really long. Pretty slow most of the day, until I was alone. Then I was busy. It made the last 2.5 hours fly by. I think Dr VL was happy when I told him at 645 I promised not to call him again.

Tomorrow will hopefully be good. Then I only need Saturday to be good. Lol.

My plans for next week involve sorting through all of Clara's clothes. Then somehow getting rid of everything that doesn't fit in her dresser. This is going to be an all day project. Geesh. I can't wait. A friend wants to go to IKEA, so I guess if she's going to MAKE me, I'll go ;-) The goal will be not to spend any more. Good luck with that.

Nothing exciting going on here. I haven't done any homework yet. Opps. Hehehe. I suck.


amberlee said...

Ah homework, it's over rated :) hey if you do go to ikea could you maybe pick me up something? I'm debating about getting these wire thing with clips to replace my cork board. Hmm I don't know though maybe I need you to come look at it.... Anyway call me or email me because we need to catch up!

Di said...

I haven't been to Ikea in a very long time. We used to go all the time. I am afraid to go now, the damage that can be done on one trip!

Mary said...

Ikea is very dangerous.

Amber I still haven't gone--I'm sure you've finished your room, but I'll call ya when I'm back from our trip.

Di I always get in trouble there!


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