Sunday, January 31, 2010

1/12th done already

Wasn't Christmas yesterday?!?!

Amber--I'll take ya up on the sewing at your house offer once I have a more than 30 minutes free. Hopefully once we're back from St Louis. I should ask on freecycle and check out craigslist. I'm trying to talk my mom in to getting a new one, so I can just borrow hers ;-)

Thanks Di, it is was it is. And I'm okay. But her obit was posted today, and it did make me tear up. I found some pictures from a cruise we went on, just me and her. It was a good time, and unbelievably, it was 10.5 years ago!! Crazy.

No school tomorrow, but instead of having a super fun day, Jake gets his braces on. I hope he does okay. Planning on milkshakes and jamba juice for a few days. Going to stock up on yogurt, pudding, jello, and ice cream. I'm really hoping it isn't going to be very painful--he's only getting them on his top front 8 teeth (or 6??). They need to pull them back into place and ready his mouth for getting retainers which will help his major overbite. Fingers crossed this works now, so he wont have problems when he's an adult.

I want to go to Target to get some glass canisters. Totally want to steal this idea from a friend. I've been baking so much, I think these would come in handy and lead to less spillage in the cupboard. But the kids always beg for so much shit from there. And I don't want to be cranky, so maybe I'll hold off until we get home from our trip...

We're leaving on Thursday for St Louis. The rest of my family arrives in St Louis Wednesday or Thursday, we get in Friday at 930am. Fingers crossed the red eye works in our favor. I will be packing benedryl. I know I'll be able to sleep just fine--I'm working a normal day Thursday, so I'll be up at 530am, and won't be able to sleep until after 8pm on Friday night. So I'll be getting the most out of the 6 hours of flight time we have.

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amberlee said...

Good luck and safe travels. Call me when you get back and we'll get together.


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