Saturday, December 12, 2009

The holiday season

I can't believe it's already December 12th! After this shift, I only have 2 more days until the 31st at work. Next weekend Clara has her Nutcracker preformances for ABA, so I took Saturday off.

My mom is having surgery on 12/22, so I am able to take off the 22nd-30th as FMLA time, and it's even covered by MY sick pay. Awesome, no? I do work for a great hospital. I just lucked out in that only 2 days off were requested by anyone the week of Christmas and New Years. So I only need to get 1 more shift covered to make it all work. Kinda sucky that I have to cover my time off myself, but since I make the schedule, I don't really have a choice....

I didn't bake anything at home this week....Last Sunday I made a gooey butter cake, and a pineapple upside down cake, but they were both for a bake sale. And then Thursday night I made a batch of super easy peanut butter fudge, but it was to take to work for a potluck.

But I am armed with recipes for eggnog spritzes, caramel macchiato thumbprint cookies, and those peanut butter cookies with kisses in them. I'll makes all of these Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. Yum! I still haven't made any challah bread, but I so want to. Clara wants to help with that, so I'm thinking I'll wait until my 2 weeks off.

I also need to make some little bags to put presents in. I have a pattern for an origami bag. I'm going to make a few of those to put teacher gifts in, and maybe for some work friends too. This should keep me busy all this week while the kids are at school.

Well I have 50 Christmas cards to address and mail out, so I should get busy. Only 10.5 more hours of the work day left, and I feel better when I can be productive--even on my own stuff--instead of just sitting here reading blogs and surfing the web.

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Di said...

I hope your mom is okay. Glad you get to be with her!


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