Saturday, May 16, 2009

Night from hell

Last night was HORRIBLE. The tech who works 10a-10p stayed until 1230am. I finally got my night box at 2am, realizing I had been working straight for 8 hours. If nothing else, the night just flew by, with only 2 10-15 minute catnaps between patients.

Tonight is looking better, but just by typing that will curse me I'm sure. Sorry ER folks.

In our department there is 1 person who seems to find the most tumors. But due to recent events, I'm up for the tumor finder title as well. You have to remember that I work at a smaller hospital, so we don't "find" alot of stuff. So it's kind of exciting to spot something, but then you remember what exactly you're finding...

I need to find extra work, and I'm having a difficult time. While there are many hospitals with in an hour drive, the ones that are less than 30 minutes away either aren't hiring, or I already work there and they don't have extra hours. WTF? I should have been a nurse. I don't really mean that, but I think I'd have a much easier time getting extra shifts, and be getting paid more!

Well back to work, now that it's dark and the sun has gone down, people will start to flood the waiting room...

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