Saturday, December 27, 2008

Not 100 books

Well I didn't reach my goal of 100 books this year. I figured I wouldn't be able to meet it back in June when I had only read about 30. The official number is 57, but I might be missing 1 or 2 unmemorable books.

Suggestions for next year? I'll set my goal at 50 and just be happy to meet it.

In the order read
1.) Atonment
2.) Mommy Tracked
3.) Odd Mom Out
4.) Jemima J
5.) Time Travlers Wife
6.) Secret Life of CeeCee Wilks
7.) Under the Banner of Heaven
8.) Unofficial Guide to Disneyland
9.) Water for Elephants
10.) Body Surfing
11.) Remember Me
12.) Mommies Behaving Badly
13.) Not Quite a Mom
14.) Between, Georgia
15.) Tallgrass
16.) My Sisters Keeper
17.) The Echelon Vendetta
18.) Shoe Addicts Anonymous
19.) Certain Girls
20.) 10th Circle
21.) All Together in One Place
22.) Hour Game
23.) Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
24.) Susannah's Garden
25.) My Best Friends Girl
26.) Best Friends
27.) Simple Genius
28.) Want Fries With That?
29.) Circle of Three
30.) The Naked Earl
31.) Plain Truth
32.) One for the Money
33.) Two for the Dough
34.) The Accidental Mother
35.) Three to get Ready
36.) Four to Score
37.) Five something
38.) Hot Six
39.) Seven something
40.) Eight something
41.) To the Nines
42.) Ten Big Ones
43.) Eleven something
44.) Twelve something
45.) Lean Mean Thirteen
46.) Playing for Pizza
47.) Secrets
48.) Tears from the Sun
49.) Tears of the Moon
50.) Heart of Sea
51.) Key of Light
52.) Key of Knowledge
53.) Key of Valor
54.) Twilight
55.) New Moon
56.) Eclipse
57.) Breaking Dawn


Kendra said...

I just started "Memoirs of a Geisha" and am LOVING it. It's really well written so far...

Di said...

I can't keep track. That is why I LOVE goodreads

Chelle Y. said...

Let me know if any are worthy to pass on because I need some more books to read.

Tink said...

I still think that's quite an accomplishment! Great job. Do you feel smarter now? ;)


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