Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So much to do


After (complete with dead bug face)

Clara insisted I let her cut her hair. She wanted it even shorter, but I think it is super cute. We decided to grow her bangs out, so I need to invest in some new headbands as I can't just pull it in to a pony tail anymore.

So much to do.

And instead of doing it, I'm watching past episodes of CSI. The only thing that absolutely has to be done today is resewing Jake's cub scout patches that fell off. The smart thing would be to sew them while I watch TV. But I'm not smart.

I also need to get all of my scrapbooking stuff in order--I get to spend all weekend scrapbooking! I'm glad it's here in town, so I'll be home both nights instead of going to a retreat out of the area. Wish me luck in winning prizes, I never get anything good...

Jacob had his appt with the Urologist yesterday. It went well. He doesn't have undescended testes, they are just retractable. So we'll go back in 3 months for another check. I think the downside is a posibility of torsion, but it doesn't raise his cancer risk/fertility issues like undescended testes do. So we're just waiting and seeing...

On the other hand Dexter NEEDS to be castrated. The little punk. I can't leave him and Bailey alone for very long because as soon as they start to play, he tries to hump her. My poor old puppy.

Enough rambling, off to get stuff done. Happy Day After the Election everyone!


Di said...

Oh happy day!

Her hair is cute!

Chelle Y. said...

She is a doll!

Tink said...

Omg, look how big she's getting! I love her cute little bob. It's been too long since I saw you guys.


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