Monday, November 17, 2008


I JUST realized I forgot to call my grandma to wish her happy birthday. Damn it. She's 91, so it needs to recognized. And of course our cards are arriving late. I rock.

I'm having such mixed feelings on things right now. I have a love/hate relationship with my job. It's sad that one or two people can make me dread going to work. I was offered a job else where but no chance in hell I'll take it. Doesn't pay enough and it's on FILM. Oh the horrors. Not to mention whenever I fill in there, I hate my life by the time I leave. Soooo....not gonna happen. But I did say I'd fill in a bit extra until they hire someone. But we'd do it my way--so I'd get off in time to pick the kids up and/or take Clara to ballet. It's not as good as sitting around watching TV on my days off, but I'll survive.

I'm happy Christmas is on the way. I'm just feeling all kinds of Christmas-y right now. I need to make an advent/25 days of Christmas book to document December. I think it'll be fun. I just gotta get it done ASAP.

I'm excited about Clara's Nutcracker performance. She has a small role, but it'll be alot of fun for her, and so cute to watch. I'm a little bummed she'll be in the back almost the whole show, but she is one of the youngest in her class, and this way she'll be able to follow some of the more advanced girls.

I snorted during the cub scout pack meeting tonight from trying to hold maniacal laughter in. And for THE stupidest reason...One of the kids farted fairly audibly and it gave me the giggles. They were playing not it and apparently I was the only immature adult there. Oh well. It was entertaining.

Back to work tomorrow. I hope Friday comes quickly. I'm taking a card making class at the local scrapbook store during the day Friday, and trying to talk a friend in to going with.

Happy week before Thanksgiving everyone!

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Eric and Jamie said...

I would have laughed too if I heard someone fart... I probably would have snorted too. :)


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