Friday, September 12, 2008


That's me. A big lame-o.

Today took me to the Oktoberfest. It was okay. I've only gone once before and it was in 1994 or so. I don't need to go again for another 14-15 years. It might be different if I was a big beer or wine fan, but until they get a jell-o shot garten, I'm not interested. A huge amount of fried food though.

Then we went to the dog park. The kids around like someone gave them crack in the parking lot. They got all dusty and gross, but managed to avoid stepping in any poo or letting any dogs escape.

We followed that up with mexican food. Yummy but holy shit, like there is any question why I happen to be "big boned"....

Tomorrow the kids have soccer, then we decided they need to be introduced to some Urban Hipster Culture, so off to a street fair we'll go. Wish us luck that the bastard in Tom stays tucked inside, because he gets all pissy and I have to deal with him plus 2 whiney kids, and masses of people. Not fun.

Then we'll see the inlaws. I don't think I've seen them since before our Disneyland trip. I think Tom took the kids up once earlier this summer. Reminder. They live less than an hour away. They don't seem very broken up about the lack of face time. Whatever. I know they have their own life, but geez. These are their only grandkids. I'd assume they'd want to see them a little more often.........

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Carrie said...

Let me know when you find a Jell-O Shot festival...I'd be all over that.


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