Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Monday

Today Jacob and Clara had their final drawing class. They had fun, and I wish there was a place closer to home that taught art and drawing class for the under 10 set.

After that we went to the state fair. For seven hours. Holy shit my feet hurt now. And they are horribly dirty....It was $1 ride day, so we HAD to go today :-) I still spent like $100. Oh well, we had a good time. That included the $20 mega blendy pen set that I bought for the kids, and the raku pottery they got to paint.

I got the bags I ordered from Etsy last week. So stinking cute! I love em. Check her site out. I got the ballerina one for Clara, the Pumpkin face one for Jake (for trick or treating), and the pop daisy mini tote for myself. Well worth the money in my opinion.

Tomorrow I'm going to a moms group bbq, then taking the kids swimming. Should be fun!

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