Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I can't sleep

Common thread, no?

Today we went to a BBQ with a friend, it was for a local moms group. It was pretty fun. I always feel out of place tho, having the oldest kids. I KNOW I'm not the only mom of a 7 yr old who still likes to talk about her kids....the June 01 board is very much proof of that, but why the fuck are there NEVER any older kids with these damn groups?

That's why I'm so glad the June 01 boar is back to 'normal.'

After that we went swimming at a local pool. Well in another town because our town is too stupid to have anything cool. The kids had fun, and both managed to get sunburned even though I put sunblock on twice. They must have rubbed it off....

A Clara "funny" Driving home from the pool we had stopped at the Hasty Freeze which is an ice cream drive thru and the kids got cones and corn dogs. We were almost home when I hear Clara say "This is as clean as a bitch" and held up the stick from the corn dog. When prompted she said nothing, but then asked what bitch meant. When I told her it was not a nice word, and one for grown ups only, she burst in to tears because she thought she was in trouble.

Ah. Mama needs to clean up her language apparently....btw she wasn't in trouble, I didn't yell or get mad or anything, just explained that she couldn't say it. I think she might have been embarrassed or something.

This fall is lining up to get busy.

Awana on Sunday nights.

I think we're doing ballet on Mondays after school, and then Clara decided she wants to do cheer leading too. We saw them at the fair yesterday, and the gym is fairly close to home. I haven't decided about This yet. But of course her age group meets Monday nights. So she'd fairly worn out doing ballet for 45 minutes, eating a quick dinner at home, then going straight to cheer leading. But I think she'd love it.

Nothing planned for Tuesdays, but if we do cub scouts for Jake, they mainly meet on Tuesdays.

Wednesdays bring karate at church for Jake.

Nothing for Thursdays or Fridays

Saturday would be soccer for both, but only til 10/18 or something like that. Then art classes the 2 Saturdays after that.

Oh and I decided I want to try to get them in to 4-h, but only if there is an established club available. I don't have the time or the energy to be a leader myself.

I do think the above schedule is doable as long as my days off are Sun/Mon/Fri/Sat. Yeah Monday's will be busy, but oh well....

Well I'm gonna try to sleep. Wish me luck


Tink said...

Clean as a bitch! Lol. Hopefully by the time she's old enough to use the word, she'll know how to use it properly. ;)

Mary said...

Yeah Tom and I were both perplexed. I don't often use it in that context...hehehe

Di said...

Okay, I couldn't even READ the rest. Clean as a bitch. HA HA Never heard that one. I LOVE When kids come up with stuff like that. I am going to start saying it even though it really doesn't make any sense. HA HA HA HA


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