Thursday, June 05, 2008

title? what title?

Sorry, I can NEVER come up with good blog titles.

Once again its almost 1am, I have to get up at 7am with the kids, and I'm not really tired. I didn't even drink that much diet Pepsi today. Only 2 big ones instead of 3-4+...

I sent out the invites for Clara's party. By sent out I mean I put them in the parent mailboxes at school. Only a week later than intended...Hopefully 15 kids will show up, but no more. Then I will have paid for exactly the right amount. wish me luck lol.

Today at work we actually had 2 positive studies. FREAKING AMAZING. You don't know how often every single thing we do in a given day is negative. Or even if the result is positive, it's something boring like pneumonia or whatever. But today was different. YAY

One of the nurses from ED pissed me off. They wanted stat CT's on a patient, but wouldn't take the 20 seconds to put them in to the computer. Instead I got THREE different phone calls telling me there was a stat patient. Um how about ONE person call, and the 2 other try to figure out how to freaking order the scans. I lied and told them I needed the paper work. Then they got all pissy about how so and so could do it without the documents. If I don't have the shit up front, then there is ALOT more work on my end once the scan is done. It makes everything so much nicer if one of the 3 nurses or the ED dr all treating that patient, could take the necessary seconds to click "head CT, cspine CT, facial bones CT" reason "trauma" order. It's literally 3-4 mouse clicks plus typing in TRAUMA. UGH.

On that note, I'm going to bed. Oh and I said fuck in front of my boss. It was after the above nurse hung up on me as I was trying to explain. It still took 5 minutes for the patient to come over. So please tell me why no one could take the time to hit submit order?????

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Di said...

I think the only creative thing I do is my titles. Not all the time of course but I enjoy creating them. It is so hard when you can't get along with people at work. If everyone just did their job, it would make everyone else's job much easier.


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