Thursday, April 10, 2008

Memo's memepalooza (copied from mamatulip)

Seven things about me (probably not all new....):

1.) I lie about how much TV I watch because it's pathetic

2.) I feel that I am about 100x more selfish than I should be....

3.) I said fuck about 15 times on the way to work this morning. This is only slightly higher than normal.

4.) In the evenings, I have to literally talk myself out of eating out of bordem/stress...

5.) I love to vacuum, and it makes me sad that Clara likes to as well. She always vacuums before I have a chance :0(

6.) I don't care when Clara wears pink striped pants, yellow plaid skirt, purple shirt, and red hair pretties. I know I should, but eh...whatever

7.) I drank 8 cans of diet coke today.

Book meme.

Page 123, go to the 5th sentence, then post the next 3 sentences.

I am reading The Echelon Vendetta by David Stone. It's been a while since I've read a NSA/FBI type thriller, so I'm really enjoying it. It's just LONG.

123: 5th sentence in: Irreversible brain damage. A lifetime of mental impairment. Delusion.

And finally, what's in my purse?

I just got this purse a week ago. Clara picked it out for me :-)

1.) My black wallet. Up until a week ago, it had been my purse. All my plastic is in there, plus any money. Also had my chapstick in there.

2.) My iPhone. Goes everywhere with me, of course! I heart it.

3.) My book. It doesn't fit IN my purse, but it was 1/2 in it because I just got home from work.

4.) A little notebook from my mom with my name on it.

5.) A pen.

6.) Name badges for 2 hospitals, plus my radiation badge for my main job (don't usually bring it home, its supposed to stay at work but I'm working off site right now).

7.) some paper work I NEED to do and mail, but have been putting it off

8.) Picture of Clara from school

9.) Gum and a fiber 1 bar

10.) my weight watcher monthly pass and weight tracker

I think that's everything....


Cat Herder said...

I almost bought that exact same purse! LOVE it!!

Susan's 365 said...

Very cute purse.

Di said...

ha ha I don't get how you love to vacuum but I love to match socks. Is that weird?


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