Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Almost Saturday

Ack someone help me....I'm getting drawn in to the democratic debate. I don't WANNA have anything to do with the election until a few days before. And by my count, that means I want to ignore it all for another 6.5 months....

I can't wait for tomorrow at 6pm. I don't have to work Friday, so I'll be off of work until April 28th. YAY for vacations. Plus I'll have Friday to get everything ready for our trip. Since Tom will be at work and both kids at school, I might even get to be productive!

I went to Costco tonight after work and spent too much money. Suprise! I was able to get lots of snacky type foods (individual sized humus! rock on!), socks, unders and shorts for Tom, shorts for Jake, and stuff for in the car for both kids.

I miss working at the hospital. It's only been 2.5 weeks at the clinic, but today was nice to be back at the hospital. Someone called out sick for today through Friday so I got shifted back to the hospital. Then because my shift 11 hours instead of 8, I was able to get someone to cover Friday for me and still make my minimum hours for the week (for benefits and stuff). So that makes me happy, and the person was happy to get the 11 hours of over time :-)

Anyone else watching Ax Men on History? Tom likes it, and we had it on at work today. According to someone I work with who's son is a logger, the guys they show are a bunch of jackasses. I kind of suspected as much, lol.

Well I'm off to bed, Di give me an email if you think you could meet up some time next week. We should be getting in on Sunday afternoon and leaving Saturday morning. We don't really have any set plans other than going to legoland on Thursday.


Susan's 365 said...

I'm jealous you're going to Legoland? The boys are always asking when we can go back to CA and go there. We lived about 7 miles from there and went all the time. Wish I was still there just so we could meet you guys. Have fun!

Tink said...

Mmmm. Humus. I try to stay away from Costco and Sam's with their "amazing" deals that make me buy 50 individual wrapped items that go bad before I can eat them all.


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