Thursday, February 28, 2008


It's time for the Portland Creating Keepsakes Convention--YAY :-) I rarely scrapbook these days, unless I'm going to an event or convention or something. This weekend I'm going to a retreat that coincides with the convention. So I'll be getting lots done. I'm hoping the classes I picked out kick ass, and that I can get lots done while I'm there. I do have to leave 4 hours early because I work on Sunday at 10am (it gets done at 1pm), but that's okay.

This week Jake was student of the week. I went and had lunch with him today, and he could choose 3 friends to come eat out in the clan area with us (the area where the 5 E group classes spill in to). He choose 3 boys from his class to join us.

Later at recess a little girl came up and asked me where Jacob was. I pointed him out (they were playing some mix of kickball and soccer). I overheard her asking him why he didn't choose her to eat with him. He said "because I know x, y z so well" "but you know me that well too" "but they like soccer like I do" "but I like soccer too"

I was trying not to laugh because she sounded so sad to not get picked, and has a response for ever excuse he gave. I feel bad for the girls in his class. There are 14 boys and 7 girls. So I'm guessing the girls don't get picked that often to eat out in the clan area just due to the makeup of the class...

Well I gotta finish figuring out which scrapping stuff to take with me. I have an overabundence to begin with, and I don't want to haul it all up there, only to go unused. But then I worry that if I don't take everything with me, I'll need something that I left at home. Frustrating.

have a good weekend everyone!

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